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Searching for Vainglory Analysts

We’re in the process of rebirthing our Hero Builds and Tier Lists; to do so, we need help from a few analysts. As part of Broken Myth, you’ll be invited to our private Slack team where meta discussions, content production, off topic dawdle, and gossip with or about the devs occurs. The task of typing out your thoughts on hero and build meta is simple and does not require any creative writing — this is purely knowledge based.

Broken Myth’s only incentive to create content is passion. We all care for Vainglory, and we’re dedicated to seeing it thrive. No one takes or receives money, meaning we’re purely volunteer, but contributors do earn ICE payouts for each update. If you choose to apply, we hope that compensation is not your first thought.

To apply, please email with the following information:

  • IGN, Highest Skill Tier, Region
  • Vainglory analytical achievements — Have you helped any teams or analysts? Published an article? i.e. What are you able to offer?

If chosen, you’ll be contacted with further information. Analysts can expect to discuss the two aforementioned primary resources once per update cycle. Broken Myth is a hobby, not a job — we promise that nothing will become tedious or boring. Frankly, if it was, we wouldn’t be standing for over three years! Thank you to everyone who’s willing to help keep Broken Myth stable.

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Site Lead and Social Media, Broken Myth. Writer, GankStars. Broadcast moderator, Vainglory.
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    Jean Claude cereghetti
    Mar 28, 2018 4:30 pm

    Highest skill tier:3vs3–> 7silver 5vs5—>6bronze

    I have never done this type of work but I love Vainglory and I am really motivated

  • Reply
    Mar 26, 2018 7:17 am

    IGN: Jenty123
    Highest skill tier: POA bronze in 3v3 and 6 gold in 5v5
    region: USA

    I have never had discussions and meta changes analyzing, but I think I can try :]

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