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Skill Tier Points – How Far Are You from Your Next Tier?

Update 1.22 brings many new features, one of the less discussed of those is that we can now see specific numbers for our position within a skill tier. This is represented using skill tier points, ranging from 0-3000. Each tier takes a variable number of skill tier points to advance. This post contains a full list of which points fall into which categories.

NameStarts atEnds at
Tier 1 Bronze0108.9
Tier 1 Silver109217.9
Tier 1 Gold218326.9
Tier 2 Bronze327435.9
Tier 2 Silver436544.9
Tier 2 Gold545653.9
Tier 3 Bronze654762.9
Tier 3 Silver763871.9
Tier 3 Gold872980.9
Tier 4 Bronze9811089.9
Tier 4 Silver10901199.9
Tier 4 Gold12001249.9
Tier 5 Bronze12501299.9
Tier 5 Silver13001349.9
Tier 5 Gold13501399.9
Tier 6 Bronze14001466.9
Tier 6 Silver14671532.9
Tier 6 Gold15331599.9
Tier 7 Bronze16001666.9
Tier 7 Silver16671732.9
Tier 7 Gold17331799.9
Tier 8 Bronze18001866.9
Tier 8 Silver18671932.9
Tier 8 Gold19331999.9
Tier 9 Bronze20002133.9
Tier 9 Silver21342266.9
Tier 9 Gold22672399.9
Tier 10 Bronze24002599.9
Tier 10 Silver26002799.9
Tier 10 Gold28003000


Enjoy update 1.22!


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