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Vainglory Hero Countering: Your Guide to Winning Draft

Welcome to the Vainglory Hero Countering guide! We know that you are grinding away in Ranked and finally hit the Draft. Whether it is a new experience or an old one, having a cheat sheet to draft like the pros is undeniably useful. We understand and are here to help with a quick guide to keep you leveling up in Vainglory.

A couple of caveats before we get to the meat of the article. This is not a guide to how you should draft. If you are looking for one, you are in luck! Fedmattisgg wrote a great drafting guide that you can check out. Secondly, some counter picks are better than others, but it does not help your team if you cannot play said counter pick. Finally, some items can counter specific heroes’ strengths and are noted below, but for an in-depth look at counter-building read Gadianton’s article. If you’re looking to test your new knowledge, try out our Vainglory Draft Simulator! Choose wisely, play to your personal strengths and may the churn ever be in your favor.

HeroStrengthsWeaknessesCounter PicksItem Counter
AdagioLong Range, HealsEasy to block CC, Needs burning targetsBlackfeather, Catherine, GlaivePosioned Shiv
AlphaTanky, StickyCan be out-tanked, Susceptible to CCCatherine, Krul, Lance, Lyra, Petal, Reim, RonaAtlas Pauldron
ArdanTanky, UtilitySusceptible to burstBlackfeather, Koshka, Lyra, Taka
BaronAoE, BurstSlow movement speedBlackfeather, Koshka, Taka
BlackfeatherSticky, SustainPoke damage, Can be out-sustainedAlpha, Krul, Lyra, Petal, Rona, SkyePoisoned Shiv
CatherineTanky, CCSusceptible to small sustain damagePetal, SkyeReflex Block
CelesteLong Range, Burst, CCSlow movement speed, SquishyBlackfeather, Glaive, Gwen, Skye, Taka
FlickerStealth, SlowsSquishyCeleste, Glaive, Gwen, Koshka, Petal, PhinnContraption
FortressTanky, MobilitySusceptible to kite, Caught aloneCatherine, Koshka, Lance, Ozo, PetalWar Treads
GlaiveTanky, CCSlow movement speed, Can be out-tankedAlpha, Krul, Lance, ReimAtlas Pauldron
GrumpjawTanky, UtilitySlow, Can be easily focused downLyra, Petal, Phinn, Skye
GwenCC breaker, VisionSquishy, Can’not negate sticky heroesAlpha, Ardan, Blackfeather, KrulAtlas Pauldron
IdrisBurst, SurvivabilityPoke damage, Relies on attack speedAlpha, Krul, Lyra, RonaAtlas Pauldron
JouleBurst, AoEWeak from behindBlackfeather, Catherine, Rona, Skye, TakaAtlas Pauldron
KestrelStealth, Burst, AoESquishy, Susceptible to CCBlackfeather, Catherine, Glaive, PetalContraption
KoshkaBurst, SpeedSquishy, Susceptible to CCCatherine, Lance, Lyra, Phinn
KrulTanky, StickyRelies on attack speed, Can be kitedLance, Petal, Samuel, SkyeAtlas Pauldron
LanceCC, UtilityRelies on skill shots and positioningLyra, Petal, Phinn, Skye, Vox
LyraHeals, CCSquishyAdagio, Celeste, SkaarfPoisoned Shiv
OzoTanky, SurvivabilitySusceptible to CC, Can be out-tankedArdan, Catherine, Krul, Lance, LyraPoisoned Shiv
PetalSustain, KiteSquishy, Relies on munionsJoule, Lance, Skaarf, VoxShiversteel
PhinnTanky, CC, UtilitySlowGwen, Kestrel, Petal, Ringo, Rona, SkyeCrucible
ReimTanky, BurstSlow, Susceptible to kiteGwen, Kestrel, Petal, Ringo, Rona, SkyePoisoned Shiv, Frostburn
RingoKite, SustainSquishy, Susceptible to burstCatherine, Glaive, TakaAtlas Pauldron
RonaTanky, SurvivabilitySusceptible to CC and kiteCatherine, Lance, Lyra, PetalPoisoned Shiv, Frostburn
SamuelAoE, KiteSquishy, Susceptible to CCCatherine, Celeste, Fortress, Koshka, PetalShiversteel
SAWSustain, BurstImmobileGlaive, Joule, Lance, Rona, Skaarf, VoxAtlas Pauldron
SkaarfAoE, RangeMobility, Immobile during ult channelCatherine, Glaive, Phinn, Skye
SkyeMobility, SustainSquishy, Susceptible to slowsArdan, Koshka, Petal, Ringo, TakaShiversteel
TakaBurst, Mobility, StealthRelies on stealth, SquishyAlpha, Koshka, Lance, Lyra, PhinnContraption
VoxMobility, AoE, SustainSusceptible to slows, Squishy, Short rangeAdagio, Gwen, KoshkaAtlas Pauldron


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