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[LIVE] Vainglory Anniversary Stream

VAINGLORY: 1st Year of the Game! Skaarf lights the candles on the cake! Vainglory launched worldwide one, long year ago today! And boy, this game has become so different since then. Join us as we cover Super Evil Mega Corp’s anniversary stream reflecting on those changes and celebrating the end of the game’s first year, as well as celebrating the launch of the gameĀ in China! Read about all of the celebrations here. The stream will be at 2PM PST on the Vainglory Twitch Channel!

The full list of celebrations is also pictured below:

Vainglory Anniversary festivities - "A Week of Celebrations"; Double Glory Week, Vainglory Anniversary Dev Stream, Cards Crazy 8, Vainglory League Quarterfinals, and Blackfeather Hero Reveal Livestream.

Coverage of the Vainglory Anniversary StreamĀ will begin at the same time as the stream (2PM PST – Find Your Time). We provide this live blog for the convenience of those who are unable to watch the stream themselves because of work or school. We’re not expecting many reveals tomorrow, those will likely be saved for Tuesday’s stream, but we anticipate a very fun event that’ll probably be host to a ton of news.

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Vainglory Anniversary Liveblog

EDIT: For whatever reason, the liveblog plug-in stopped working near the end. Here’s the last skin reveal, Death Metal Krul Tier III:

IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098

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