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Analyzing the North American Top 100 List

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.00.30 PMLast week Friday, on the official developer’s stream, PlayoffBeard showed off what they called the “Region Leaders” list for NA. According to the devs, this list was constructed based upon Elo values of these accounts as of sometime before the dev stream on November 6, 2015.

As I play on the North America server, I wanted to look at the list of players in NA and see if we can extract any interesting tidbits from the data. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do this for Europe as I am not as familiar with the players there. In any case, let’s take a look and see what we can find! 

The first thing that jumped out at me was there were obviously alt. (smurf) accounts on this list. It turns out, there are at least 25 alt. accounts out of the top 100! That’s a lot of smurfs! This means that climbing is particularly difficult when top tier players are using alt. accounts with lower Elo values than their true skill tier. Losses to these smurf accounts would incur harsher Elo losses than if they were playing on their main accounts. Also, these alt. accounts are gaining Elo that likely will never be distributed again if these smurfs are not played frequently. In spite of this, the number one player during the time of the dev stream was able to hit Vainglorious Bronze. I believe Statusbaked is (as of Nov. 9th) the only current Vainglorious tiered player in NA.

The Top 10

1. Statusbaked – (Team Liberation) [Liberation X]
2. Chicken123 – (Team Liberation) [Liberation X]
3. PhoenIx – (VON) [VON Menace]
4. DNZio – (Gankstars) [Chubby Bunnies]
5. ttigers – (Team Liberation) [Liberation X]
6. Oldskool – (Gankstars) [Gankstars Vega]
7. bigpaws – [Team Snipe]
8. IraqiZorro – (Gankstars) [Gankstars Sirius]
9. CullTheMeek -(Gankstars) [Gankstars Sirius]
10. R3cKeD -(Gankstars) [Gankstars Vega]

The surprising news here is number one, two, and five belong to Team Liberation’s Liberation X. Seeded fifth in the current VGL Second Autumn Qualifier, Statusbaked, Chicken123, and ttigers combine for the highest Elo of any team.  Unsurprisingly, coming in at third we have PhoenIx of VON Menace, the number one seeded team for the VGL qualifier.  Then we have DNZio of Gankstars, coming in at number four. He’s a member of the 13th seeded team Chubby Bunnies, which also includes xTrogdorx, and NeonFire. We also have bigpaws, a former Gankstars Cerberus member, now of Team Snipe, a collaboration team. Rounding out the top ten we have many members of Gankstars’s teams Sirius and Vega. Sirius, which includes IraqiZorro, CullTheMeek, and gabevizzle, won the first Vainglory International Premier League held in South Korea and will be competing in the next tournament in December. Gankstars has a new team Vega, which consists of FooJee, Oldskool, and R3cKeD (Originally Team Fusion during the Vainglory World Invitational, pictured below).

static1.squarespace Wow. Quite a powerhouse top ten! Keep an eye out on Liberation X this VGL qualifier!

11 ~ 34 (11 ~ 25 main accounts)

11. FooJee – (Gankstars) [Gankstars Vega]
12. VONC – (VON) [VON Menace]
13. xZee – Smurf account
14. PONtheoriginal – [The Sillys]
15. LoveIce4ever – (VON) [VON Menace]
16. SillySmurf – [The Sillys]
17. MICSHE – (Ardent) [Ardent Alliance]
18. DrunkenClam – (Nemesis) [Nemesis Titan]
19. TheCatherine – Smurf account

20. Supershottt – (VON) [VON Menace]
21. paxxypanda – Smurf account
22. coolstory – Smurf account

23. LostBoyToph – (Nemesis) [Nemesis Hydra]
24. jokeysmurf – Smurf account
25. FrostShottt – Smurf account
26. ROAM – (Gankstars) [Team Snipe]
27. llIIlllI – Smurf account
28. cloudzz – (Team Liberation)
29. Koedz – (Nemesis) [Nemesis Hydra]
30. HardCarrying – (Gankstars)
31. VONCc – Smurf account
32. Vikson – (Vertigo) [Vertigo Black]
33. DawnEclypse – (Team Liberation) [Liberation X]
34. 12tacos12 -(Team TAS) [Frame Perfect]

Starting down the number 11-25 player range, I started to encounter smurf accounts. I’ve italicized them, so we could have an accurate listing. We have Uncle FooJee from Gankstars Vega coming in at #11, then at #12 and #15 we have VONC and LoveIce4ever of the top seeded VON Menace. PONtheoriginal, formerly of Legacy Reborn, is now competing for The Sillys with #16 SillySmurf, SillyOmar, Lola420, and CaptainJeffy. Coming in next is MICSHE from Ardent Alliance, the winner of the first VGL Autumn Season Qualifier. DrunkenClam ranks in at #18, from a new Nemesis team, Nemesis Titan.

We have a relatively new name on the competitive scene, Supershottt from the top seeded VON Menace. With two accounts in the top 25, Supershottt could be a difference maker for VON. Then we have the first member from Nemesis Hydra, the venerable LostBoyToph, one of the most veteran competitive players of the game. ROAM joins the seventh seeded team, Team Snipe, with bigpaws, VainInVeins, Aloh4, and duet. cloudzz, a talented player from the guild Team Liberation, is not on a VGL team. Joining LostBoyToph is #29 Koedz, an incredible laner from Nemesis Hydra. HardCarrying, from the team formerly known as Team Rin, is not competing in this VGL.

The last three players in the top 25 are Vikson from Vertigo Black, DawnEclypse from Liberation X, and 12tacos12 from Team TAS’s Frame Perfect. Be sure to watch all of these amazing players and teams in the upcoming Round of 16 in the VGL Second Autumn Season Qualifier this Saturday, November 14th, starting from 1:00 PM, PST. You can catch all of the action on VaingloryLeague’s Twitch channel.




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