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Autumn Season 2016 Roster Changes

Autumn Season 2016 is here! The leaves are turning colors and pools are closing while the sun abandons us earlier and earlier each day; but that doesn’t mean the Vainglory esports scene dries up. You’re gonna want to put off your homework to verge upon the latest Autumn roster changes. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell mom!)

Note: This only covers the major roster changes. We apologize if any changes were skipped or missed!



Ardent Aurora

  • LoneDelphi from GankStars

Cloud 9

  • gabevizzle from Hammers

GankStars Sirius

  • Oldskool from Phoenix
  • Statusbaked from Phoenix
  • R3cKeD from Phoenix

Hammers Kinetic

  • CullTheMeek from Phoenix

Hammers Velocity

  • ttigers from Hammers Kinetic
  • PONtheoriginal from Hammers Kinetic

Nemesis Titan

  • MaxGreen from APEX

Noble Pro

  • Darilk
  • Hideauze
  • PajamaDrama from GankStars

Phoenix Reign

  • LuluXiu
  • XenoTek from Phoenix Reborn
  • TheRoastedPotato




GankStars Cerebus

  • GreatkhALI from mousesports


  • Aidslip
  • Jetpacks from Hiatus


  • AlexHundor from Rising Lotus




Infamous Legion

  • Chingy from Cor Vallis

Nemesis [SEA]

Acquired team Mythicals, containing:

  • QuiXotic
  • -Kalua-
  • Celestial




Phoenix Armada

Acquired team Invincible Armada, containing:

  • druid
  • Mango
  • pQq

We wish all competing teams good luck throughout the season! Tweet @TeamBroknMyth which team from each region you think will win the Autumn Season 2016 Championships for a chance to be featured on our Twitter page.

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