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[ICYMI] Coffee with Zekent – Post-1.17 Reveals and Discussion – Lance and Lyra Splash Revealed!

Update: Lance and Lyra’s splash’s can be seen in this read, as well as some teases about their kits.

Quick Summary ICYMI:

  • Lance and Lyra splash revealed, it can be seen below.
  • “With lance I wanted to create a unique experience around a pole arm hero. Where his position and more importantly the angle he attacks and uses his abilities from defines his gameplay.” -Ciderhelm
  • “I could see him turning into a playmaker hero” -Kraken
  • “Lyra came from a thematic view. I wanted to create a feeling of warmth while also maintaining the professionalism of a trained Gythian mage. In both cases, I feel these heroes have benefited from working with ChainSAW and SugarVenom to turn these origins into compelling heroes that I’m incredibly excited for.” – Ciderhelm
  • “Lyra is going to be a game changer, for sure.” -Kraken
  • “Next update you will see a lot of change happening” -Zekent

Lance and Lyra Splash Art Tease

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