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[DFFOO] Agrias Lost Chapter CHAOS Boss Guide

Agrias’ Lost Chapter is arriving on 12/8 at 6PM PT (12/9 2AM UTC)! If you failed to get Agrias previously, now is your chance to get this holy knight from Final Fantasy Tactics. We also get to meet the Argent Officiants again *shudder*. Learn how to get your revenge, after the break.


DissidiaDB bestiary

Argent Officiant Stats

Level: 150
1,650,000 HP each (3.3 million total)
Elemental Weakness: Water
Elemental Absorb: Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind, Dark
Debuff Weakness: Paralyze
Debuff Immunity: None


The ability names are translated from Japanese. As such, they may change upon global release.

  • BRV Attack: ST magic BRV attack
  • Magic Shot: ST magic HP attack
  • Fire Wall: AOE fire magic BRV attack
  • Flaré Star: Gain BRV, then AOE magic BRV attack + HP attack
    • High turn rate
  • Thunder Spear: ST thunder magic BRV attack
    • High turn rate
  • Spear Arts: ST magic BRV attack + HP attack
    • Inflicts iBRV down, ATK down
  • Globated Crush: (Only used while levitating)
    • Recovers break status; gain BRV, then ST magic HP attack;
    • Stops levitating after use
  • Tri-Element: ST magic BRV attack
    • Inflicts SPD down, DEF down, MAG resist down
    • High turn rate
  • Assault Lance: (Only used while levitating)
    • Powerful ST magic BRV attack
  • Begins a powerful chant…: Levitates
    • Removes all debuffs (including framed)
    • Gains BRV
    • Grants SPD up, ATK up, DEF up, iBRV up, mBRV up buffs for 2T
    • Low turn rate
  • Bursting with magic energy…: ATK up, DEF up (huge buff when one is defeated)
  • Begins concentrating…: SPD up, ATK up, DEF up, iBRV up, mBRV up at 80% HP threshold
  • Begins concentrating even more…: more SPD up, ATK up, DEF up, iBRV up, mBRV up at 66% HP threshold


Turn Count: 80 or less
HP Damage taken: 5,000 or less
CHAOS Clear rewards: 5 Ruin’s adamantine nuggets, 10 Refuge’s adamantine nuggets

CHAOS Overview

I still have nightmares about Agrias’ original event. I had just restarted the game and I failed hard in getting Agrias’ EX. Hopefully this time around I can rectify that and get some revenge on these floating jerks!

Not much to really say about these guys except they love to do HP attacks. One JP player (Nikumaki Asupara) gamed the system and brought Kefka, Ramza, and Ultimecia to a successful complete. Otherwise, make sure you bring a healer as the mission requirement is quite low (5,000 hp lost).

They have multiple buff auras at 80% and this time, at around 2/3 health (earlier than most other CHAOS fights). Also if you kill one, the other enrages “Bursting with magic energy” gaining huge ATK and DEF bonuses that cannot be dispelled. As such, you will have to try to kill both together as much as possible.

During the fight, Argent Officiant will “Begin a powerful chant” buffing it with visible buffs (five) for two turns, granting it HUGE amounts of BRV, and it will begin to levitate. Its attacks change when it levitates, including a devastating attack Globating Crush, which can easily one shot someone. You’ll need gravity, paralyze, or a summon to deal with this each time.

Also, you’ll either need a dispeller (Faris, Lion) or a debuffer (Lilisette, Kefka) with a large number of debuffs to push off the buffs since they are not framed. Dispelling the buffs will help you to break them, which is essential to avoid a potentially fatal attack.

If you can deal with these two gimmicks, you should be able to complete this event. The officiants are weak to water, so Faris shines here. Even though Faris’ EX is triple element, water weakness will override other elements. Some JP players were able to complete this event using a 35cp only Faris. Also, make sure to bring Leviathan, as the boss will absorb Ifrit and Shiva.

Team Building

Image result for agrias dffooDPS: Agrias (3/3 EX+), Ultimecia (3/3 EX+), Cloud (3/3 EX+)
Special Utility: Faris (EX+) (Debuff, dispel), Kefka (Debuff, negate HP attack), Lion (Debuff, dispel)
Support: Ramza, Lilisette (1/3 EX+), Sherlotta, Serah
Tank: Warrior of Light (1/3 EX+)
Friend Unit: Agrias, Sherlotta
Summon: Leviathan

Synergy characters

  • Agrias – Her rework, EX+ and 70 instantly make her a powerhouse. These levitating dudes are weak to paralyze, so she can exploit that. She also deals 100% AOE damage, heals, batteries, you name it.
  • Faris – She also gets a rework and EX+. She will bring numerous debuffs, AOE mass dispel, and a special effect of dealing BRV damage to an enemy after their turn (including inflicting break). Two of her skills will also hit their water weakness for added damage.
  • Ashe – Unfortunately she is not going to be very useful in this CHAOS fight. When she gets EX+ though…

Successful JP clears

The most used characters in inkwelder’s Early CHAOS clears spreadsheet were:

Ultimecia – 21
Agrias – 16
Warrior of Light – 9
Lilisette – 9
Sherlotta – 5
Ramza – 5
Serah – 4
Cloud – 1
Lion – 1
Kefka – 1

Check out the link for the full list of team compositions, video links to clears, etc. It’s an amazing resource!

The Argent Officiants are back with a vengeance but this time hopefully you have the tools to tackle them head on.  Armed with this knowledge, hopefully we can all clear Agrias CHAOS together! Don’t forget, it’s a Lost chapter so you can always come back and clear it later. Until next time!

Thanks and credits to: Remski, inkwelder and the Tonberry Troupe, Rem (DissidiaDB), Black Nero (YouTube), and the DFFOO Crystal Chronicles Podcast Discord.

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