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[DFFOO] Ultimecia Event and CHAOS Boss Overview

Ultimecia, the “Governess of Time” is arriving on 11/27 at 6PM PT (11/28 2AM UTC)! Heralded as THE meta character of early CHAOS, Ultimecia is a powerhouse DPS that brings 100% AOE Damage, Turn Kompression, Gravity, and strong debuffs to the table. Many in GL have been hoarding their gems waiting for this moment. However, if you don’t plan to pull for her, hopefully this guide can help you clear her CHAOS level. More after the break!

Ultimecia CHAOS

DissidiaDB bestiary

Affect Stats

Level: 150
1,600,000 each
Elemental Weakness: None
Elemental Absorb: Dark
Immunity: Paralyze, Confuse



The ability names are translated from Japanese. As such, they may change upon global release.

  • Darkga: ST Dark magic BRV attack
  • Slice: ST Melee HP attack
  • Banishing Gaze: ST Magic BRV attack
    • Inflicts SPD down debuff
  • Break: ST Magic BRV attack
    • Inflicts [Petrify] debuff for 2T. (Petrified characters cannot act on their turn)
  • Poison Claw: AOE Melee BRV attack
    • Inflicts poison debuff
  • Evil Scratch: Recover from break status, ST melee BRV + HP attack
  • Aqua Power: removes all debuffs from self (excluding framed)
    • Regen 28k-35k BRV and grants 75% BRV Damage Reduction buff for 1T
    • At low health (red) it can do this immediately after Banishing Gaze
  • Water Burst: AOE water magic BRV attack
    • Gains ATK up buff
  • Demonsplash: Gain BRV, ST water magic BRV + HP attack
  • Reaper Rise: SPD up, ATK up, DEF up, iBRV up, mBRV up at 80% HP threshold
  • Reaper Rise+: Even more SPD up, ATK up, DEF up, iBRV up, mBRV up at 50% HP threshold
  • Note: There is no enrage when one of them dies like for Count Steam in Deuce LC, however, both Affect will get stat boosts when either one hits the HP threshold


Turn Count: 70 or less
HP Damage taken: 12,000 or less
CHAOS Clear rewards: 5 Ruin’s adamantine nuggets, 10 Refuge’s adamantine nuggets

CHAOS Overview

The first part of this fight to be wary of is wave 3’s two Catoblepas. One of them will do “Evil Eye” which causes Petrify on it’s first turn, usually the one who acts last. You can avoid this by using Warrior of Light’s Throw Buckler on it, and hoping Elude makes it miss. The turn count is tight and a single petrify could ruin your run. Try to avoid it at all costs!

Wave 5 summons two Affect, a flying vampire mermaid with a nasty buff that gives 75% BRV damage reduction.  Affect will use the first Aqua Power after either one hits the 80% HP threshold and does the aura buff Reaper Rise, increasing all stats. Aqua Power will dispel all non framed debuffs, regen a huge amount of BRV (28-35k), and grant itself 75% BRV damage reduction. You will need a way to deal with this. Options include summoning and shaving, bringing in a friend unit with Gravity (reducing BRV by a set percentage), or running your own unit with gravity. Gravity options include Sherlotta’s EX, Ultimecia’s S2, and Bartz’s S2. Another option is a Lann&Reynn friend, as their EX ability will instantly break both targets. Once broken, the BRV damage reduction will no longer be in effect.

If you do not break the boss after it uses Aqua Power, it will do Demonsplash, a BRV regen and BRV + HP attack, most likely killing one character. This can also happen if it unbreaks on it’s own. Otherwise, following Aqua Power it will do Break. Break will inflict a framed Petrify for two turns.  For this reason, Warrior of Light was very popular for this fight, as his elude buff and taunt allows him to hopefully dodge the debuff.

After the 50% threshold, they gain the aura Reaper Rise+ and will do another, stronger Aqua Power. Then, when they are in red HP, they will do a third Aqua Power immedaitely after using Banishing Gaze, without using another turnMost teams summoned shortly after the second Aqua Power and burned them both down as fast as possible to avoid the third (and most devastating) one.

Team Building

Image result for ultimecia dffooDPS: Ultimecia (3/3 EX+), Squall (3/3 EX+), Ace (3/3 EX+), Paine, Tidus (3/3 EX+)
Support: Sherlotta (Gravity), Deuce (3/3 EX+), Krile (3/3 EX+)
Tank: Warrior of Light (0/3, 1/3 EX+)
Friend Unit: Ultimecia, Sherlotta, Lann&Reynn*
Summon: Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, Bahamut

*Twins as a friend unit EX skill can be used to instantly break


Synergy characters

  • Ultimecia [infographic] – Sap and gravity shaving help keep the boss in control. Free turns help keep turn count low
  • Squall [infographic] – AoE Damage Specialist, high DPT because of synergy
  • Paine – Her aura and debuff help make CHAOS stats more manageable to deal with, especially SPD
  • Deuce – Strong buff support and can AoE shave, she also greatly raises the power of Ultimecia’s magic attacks

Successful JP clears

The most used characters in inkwelder’s Early CHAOS clears spreadsheet were:

Ultimecia – 27
Warrior of Light – 22
Sherlotta – 13
Deuce – 12
Squall – 9
Ace – 7
Krile – 3
Paine – 2
Tidus – 2

Check out the link for the full list of team compositions, video links to clears, etc. It’s an amazing resource!

Ultimecia is finally here and her event is very challenging. I wish you all the best of luck, and don’t be afraid to try something new! You never know what you might figure out!


Thanks and credits to: Remski, Sugoii, Vpower, inkwelder and the Tonberry Troupe, Rem (DissidiaDB), Black Nero (YouTube), and the DFFOO Crystal Chronicles Podcast Discord.

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