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[DFFOO] Upcoming Content for November 13, 2019 (SPOILERS!)

Hey everyone, tas here! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, but the mood struck me and here we are! You might have known me as keldegar from Vainglory, but alas, I no longer play that game. Today I’m here to talk about a huge datamine dump from none other than Rem at DissidiaDB, and we’ll go into detail on some of the new event formats. It will be SPOILER heavy, so definitely do not read this article if you like to be surprised!

Upcoming Content Overview

11/13 – Garland event

  • Garland EX+ (infographic by the Tonberry Troupe)
  • Warrior of Light EX+ (infographic)
  • Sephiroth and Fang (infographic) also synergy
  • Boss – Colorless Queen
    • (CHAOS) – 3.5 Million HP & Heavy magic resist (90% BRV damage reduction)
    • Light of Doom: BRV Heal when BRV < iBRV, AOE magic BRV attack + HP attack
      (COSMOS/CHAOS) Adds “Shield” buff, begins Ruination Field/+

      • Colorless Queen begins fight with this, and uses it when Gauge meter is flashing red.
    • Redemption: ST Magic BRV attack
    • Ramming Attack: ST HP attack
    • Heavenly Wave: AOE Magic BRV Attack
    • Rain of Brimstone: BRV Heal when when BRV < iBRV, Magic BRV attack + HP attack
    • Colorless Spider: Magic BRV attack
    • Shadow Thorn: Magic BRV attack + iBRV down debuff
    • (COSMOS) Uncannily, it smirks …! : ATK UP, DEF UP, SPD UP, iBRV UP, mBRV UP
    • (CHAOS) Sinisterly, it smirks …! :Even moar ATK UP, DEF UP, SPD UP, iBRV UP, mBRV UP
    • (COSMOS) Ruination Field: Can’t summon while active.
    • (CHAOS) Ruination Field+: Can’t summon while active. Action delay reduced.
      Inflicts AOE debuff randomly: Paralyze, DEF Down, Poison, ATK Down

      • After 3 Boss Turns, Ruination Field ends.
  • Some characters that were used to clear CHAOS in Japan:
    • DPS: Garland EX+ (3/3), Cloud EX+ (3/3), Fang EX+ (3/3), Tidus EX+ (3/3), Noel, Vayne, Dark Knight Cecil
    • Support: Ramza, Sherlotta, WoL EX+ (0/3), Lenna, Aphmau, Selphie

11/17 – Ultimate Leviathan

  • Requires Leviathan to be level 20.
  • Special boosted (Using these characters causes all party members to get 2x summon points)
    • Krile (70, rework, EX+), Zell (70, rework, EX+), Shantotto, Laguna, Kefka, Tifa
  • Over 300 tickets, 30,000 gems, and 500 armor tokens, so get to farming the level 100!
  • Infographic by the Tonberry Troupe
  • CHAOS strategy to be covered in an upcoming article!

11/24 – Deuce Lost Chapter

  • Deuce EX+
  • Ace EX+
  • Aerith also synergy
  • CHAOS strategy to be covered in an upcoming article!

11/27 – Ultimecia event

  • Ultimecia EX+
  • Squall (70, EX+)
  • Paine and Deuce also synergy
  • CHAOS strategy to be covered in an upcoming article!

New upcoming content from DissidiaDB

Datamined information is not 100% confirmed. SquareEnix may choose to not release content, but it is very likely the following information will happen.

11/27 – Dimension’s End (Pathos)


Dimension’s End Pathos was originally released as “Far Ends of the Dimension” (FEoD) Beta in Japan. It consists of two EX, two COSMOS, and three CHAOS difficulty stages. It is heretic style with no synergy, meaning once a character is used, they cannot be used again. In Japan, the event ran for one month. All requirements must be met to PERFECT the stage. Unlike previous heretics and abyss, no friend unit can be used. Stages can be reset, but must be completed again in order to continue to the next stages.

  • Stage 1 – Magical Resist EX
  • Stage 2 – Physical Resist EX
  • Stage 3 – Magical Resist COSMOS
  • Stage 4 – Physical Resist COSMOS
  • Stage 5 – Magical Resist CHAOS
  • Stage 6 – Debuff Immune CHAOS
  • Stage 7 – Physical Resist CHAOS

The rewards for the COSMOS will likely be pages which can be refined into books to realize EX+ weapons. The rewards for CHAOS were 40 nuggets per stage. That’s TWO whole ingots or a total of SIX!!!

11/27 – Dimension’s End (Order)

Dimension’s End Order was originally released as “Far Ends of the Dimension” (FEoD) COSMOS in Japan. It consists of five COSMOS level stages. This one was permanent and heretic style with no synergy. The rewards for this one were two EX tokens per stage, for a total of ten EX tokens (or enough to purchase a free EX weapon!). When this debuted, they also added a new permanent EX shop. It included additional weapons, labeled in red in this graphic (previously available weapons in blue can also be purchased).

12/4 – Awakening Wave 5 and Raid Event

  • Kuja (70, rework, EX+), Lilisette (70, EX+)
  • Palom, Lenna, Zidane, Rydia level 70 awakenings
  • Raid Boss: Soulcage

12/8 – Agrias Lost Chapter

  • Agrias (70, rework, EX+)
  • Faris (rework, EX+)
  • Ashe also synergy

12/12 – Machina event

  • Machina EX+
  • Rem (70, rework, EX+)
  • Agrias and Cid also synergy

12/17 – Dimension’s End (Chaos)

Dimension’s End Chaos was originally released as “Far Ends of the Dimension” (FEoD) [notice a trend here?] CHAOS in Japan. These are monthly releases of CHAOS heretic style permanent content. Initially released with five stages, with nugget rewards for perfecting them. If you perfect all five stages, that would be ten total ingots! However, that would mean having 15 CHAOS level units. This is why roster diversity is so often stressed, and will be a huge challenge for even the most veteran of players. This is the end-game.

Lastly, as a quick side note, each Dimension’s End event is separate. So, you can reuse characters that you used in Order, in Chaos.

Phew! that’s a LOT of upcoming content! I will try to go more in depth on upcoming events as they get closer, but for now I just wanted to give a quick overview of the AVALANCHE of content that’s coming. I hope you enjoyed the article, and see you next time!

Thanks and credits to: inkwelder and the Tonberry Troupe, Rem (DissidiaDB), Black Nero (YouTube), and the DFFOO Crystal Chronicles Podcast Discord.

*Dates in PST

Update 11/14: Updated Colorless Queen’s skills with GL names, fixed Ruination Field’s duration, and added HP value and made a few other minor adjustments.

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