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[Fact Dump] PAX EAST 2015 Show Matches

Hey guys, I’m going to do a little fact dump about the show matches at PAX EAST 2015.

  • Both matches were shown on the Twitch MainStage to an unknown number (thousands?)¬†of people. The first match had over 20k viewers via the channel and another 10k via the channel. This is likely one of the largest audiences the game has had behind the iPhone 6 Keynote and iPhone 6 ad.
  • The matches were the first live displays of multiple features: skins, spectator mode, and Android.
  • A total of eleven unique heroes of thirteen were shown off in the matches by eight players. The only excluded heroes were Adagio and Joule.
  • Catherine was the only hero played twice, both times by LadyWabeesh.
  • SAW would’ve have been played twice, but at the last moment Ms Vixen switched to Petal.
  • The Day 2 match went nearly forty minutes long and included four Kraken unleashes, and 5 Aces.
  • Every true-carry was represented. Adagio being the only unrepresented semi-carry.
  • One skin was used. SAWborg by Zekent on day 2.
  • On day two there were no tanks on Shin’s team, even though there were two possible ones (Koshka and Krul). But on day one there were two, Glaive and Ardan.

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