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[Recap] Official Livestream – FooJee’s Guest Stream (3/13/15)

Every few weeks there’s a stream that while I find interesting, I have a hard time recaping. This is one of those weeks. There weren’t the same huge reveals that we’ve seen in other weeks, but instead smaller, but still very interesting, tidbits of the future.

The stream started off with a review of the launch of the East Asian servers in Korea. The game was immediately big over there and they had a LAN party to celebrate its launch. The Ed came on to discuss the progress of the Android beta. Over 5k invitations for the beta have been sent out; when the beta first started last week, only a eleven devices were supported. Now there are forty-some.

They then went on to two somewhat small (but important) reveals. The first was a teaser of the splash art for the new SAWborg skin, shown below.

The splash art for the brand new SAWborg skin.
The splash art for the brand new SAWborg skin.
Photo courtesy of @ShatterTheVain.

The next thing they revealed was that “skins are not going to just be something that you pay [for] money in the store. Skins are going to be a system.” It’s pretty unclear what this means at the moment, but he did go on to say that this system may be in the next update, but could also be delayed until the following update. This makes me think that skins are probably further down the road than many of us may have hoped, likely not in the next update. Probably an update or two past that.

There’s already a lot of speculation on reddit¬†and on the forums about what this could possibly mean. And I plan on covering this speculation in a “rumor round-up” in the coming week.

After all of this they then moved on to re-watching the show matches from PAX East with commentary from Zekent and guest FooJee. It’s hard for me to sufficiently summarize this, so if you’re interested I recommend checking the twitch archives.

After this Nemesis played two exhibition matches with Korean guild, INV Armada. The first match was played on the brand new East Asia servers, and ended in snowball win from Nemesis. The second match played on North America was not quite as one-sided. Early on Nemesis fell behind, and did not catch up until scoring a decisive ace that lead to another snowball.

After that FooJee played a bunch of Nemesis matches with various teams, while ICE continued to be awarded each match.

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