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GankStars Giveaway: Meet GankStars and Vainglory Developers

Recently, renowned Esports organization GankStars set out to host the largest giveaway in Vainglory history. By entering your name into a Gleam drawing, you receive the chance to: Travel to San Francisco, get 1-on-1 coaching from GankStars, and tour SEMC’s Lair! Completing additional tasks, such as following GankStars on Twitter and subscribing to their YouTube channel, through the Gleam page increases your chance of winning. The main winner will also pocket signed merchandise and related goodies. If you aren’t feeling lucky, four separate winners will receive various other prizes. For rules and legalities, see GankStars’ post. To enter, follow the further instructions found on the Gleam giveaway page. Your chance to enter ends on May 31st, so act quick! (Just be sure to split some winnings with us.)

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