Halcyon Hammers Recruit Top Talent From GankStars and Liberation

As is typical between competitive seasons, there have been a lot of recent roster changes. Most notably, the master of lane farm, ttigers, and roam extraordinaire, gabevizzle, left their respective teams without declaring a new team. That is, until now.

In an exciting announcement that will shake up the NA competitive scene, Halcyon Hammers’ most recent team, Kinetic, will be revised with the following starting roster:

  • Lane: ttigers
  • Jungle: gabevizzle
  • Roam: SuiJeneris

If you’re not already familiar with any of these players, here’s a quick introduction.


Originally rising to fame by helping his previous team, Liberation X, to become North American champions during the Autumn season. He’s also famous for being one of the best lane farmers in the region. To give you an idea of how mechanically gifted ttigers is, here is a highlight from the recent NA Live Championship (begins at 0:40:57).


Originally rising to fame as the roam player for the world class champions, GankStars Sirius, gabevizzle is now switching gears to play as a jungler. Even though he’s known to be one of the best roam players in North America, some may wonder if he’s got the necessary skills to be a competitive carry. Look no further than the following highlight from the NA Live Championship where gabevizzle helped carry his team as roam Vox (begins at 5:47:09):


As the only member of Kinetic who isn’t a transplant, SuiJeneris acts as the primary analyst, strategist, and coach for HH Kinetic. He is best known for gameplay as roam player for HH Force, along side popular laner and streamer, XenoTek. Adding an essential cerebral component to the this lineup, he will complement his mechanically gifted teammates perfectly. As a perfect example of great shot calling and strategy, watch this highlight (begins at 5:04:29):

Final Thoughts

Halcyon Hammers are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the NA competitive scene. With their other team, Velocity, HH managed to take second place in the NA Live Championships, proving to be one of the few teams who could give the reigning champions, Team SoloMid, a run for their money. Now, with their new all-star team, Kinetic, Halcyon Hammers is setting themselves up to see a lot of success in the upcoming spring season. In fact, expect HH to become a top fan favorite, much like GankStars, Nemesis, and Team SoloMid.

In the end, all these roster changes are good for the Vainglory competitive scene and good for the game. It creates an exciting, changing atmosphere for spectators. Cross pollination of players also creates a fertile ground for innovation, producing new builds, team comps, and strategies – all essential elements of a thriving game and eSport. Spring season is bound to be even better than winter.

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