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Hard to Swallow: An Incomplete List of Things Grumpjaw Has Eaten


We are Vyn. We see all because we must see all. We see what must and what must not be seen. We can’t unsee what has been seen nor can we see the unseen that sees…we have lost track of our thought. We are here because we have seen all that the one called Grumpjaw has eaten. We decided in our wisdom to show you some of what we have seen Grumpjaw eat. What he eats will never be seen again, therefore, this may bring closure for certain items you wondered as to the fate of since you no longer see them. This list is far from complete.

1) Big Jungle Shop Creeps
2) Dustin Diamond
3) Twerking
4) Stackable Fountain of Renewals
5) The Aggro Crag
6) Bronies
7) All New Years Resolutions to Start Meditating
8) Swine Flu
9) Bird Flu
10) Doug Flutie
11) Justin From The Fold Podcast
12) Those Commercials Where Chester Cheeto Is Trying to Be Quietly Cool But Comes Off As a Serial Killer
13) 1010-321
14) Vox Being OP
15) Vox Being a Potato
16) Vox Being OP
17) Vox Being a Potato
18) Vox Being in a Somewhat Decent Place
19) Vox Being OP
20) Shia LeBouf’s Humility
21) Bud Light’s Useless Vortex Bottle
22) @VaingloriousSAW
23) 1010-220
24) Acai Berries in F***ing Everything
25) Mumps
26) Hair Bumps
27) My Humps My Humps My Lovely Lady Lumps
28) Pokemon Go
29) People Saying Amy Schumer is The Funniest Person on Earth
30) The Popular Vote

We see this has helped. You are welcome.

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