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L3oN Hits 3000: Does Vainglory Tier 11 Exist?

The impossible has been achieved! On February 20th, L3oN became the first Vainglory player since Season 0 to reach 3000 VST. In case you haven’t heard of this exalted EU player, let’s get you caught up! Then, we can solve the mystery of Vainglory Tier 11.

Who is L3oN?

Throughout his time on the Fold, L3oN has been with several teams. Recently, he was acquired by Team Secret, a wildly popular eSports organization located in Europe, to play as a Carry and Jungler for this Spring Season—and probably longer! It’s no secret that L3oN has always been one of the best Vainglory players out there. In addition to 3000 VST, his trophy case consists of being the first player to attain Vainglorious Gold three times. L3oN enjoys streaming on Mobcrush, mostly showcasing some of his bounteous ranked matches. You can also follow him on Twitter for instant updates of record-setting VST gains!

Does Vainglory Tier 11 Exist?

Paradise. The place of warm sand snug between your toes, the sun beating down on your chest and sipping on a frosty drink. AKA “beach and bar.” Sadly, there will be no party in this ghost town—Population: zilch. Upon reaching VST higher than 3000, L3oN continued to appear as Vainglorious Gold. This was also the case when IraqiZorro went above and beyond all the way back in Season 0. L3oN’s VST progress bar appeared full and has remained so since hitting 3000. If Tier 11 exists, we would’ve known by now. Using this logic paired with prior hints from SEMC, we can safely assume Tier 11 does not exist at this time. Who knows—maybe in the future we will see additional Tiers for those special few. For now, though, aim high: L3oN desperately needs some competition!

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