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[Live] Official Dev Stream – 6/5/15

Sorry for the late start, I had a busy schedule, but here we go!

Because of technical difficulties you’ll have to refresh the page for updates. 

  • Pictures will come with the recap. (Sorry)
  • In the video shown, Skaarf has the same effects as normal, but more work has been done since. 
  • Camera tools shown in the Skaarf Skin reveal. 
  • Inspiration for the Infinity Skaarf was “different materials.”
  • Infinity Skaarf Tier 1 revealed. It is the green one shown last week.
  • Adagio as originally named “Warren,” but PlayoffBeard didn’t like it. 
  • Turrets are named Bill, Henry, and Dax. (not really)
  • There is a bug where certain jungle camps deal true damage. 
  • “You will be able to get cards with glory in the future.” Already announced, but important to know. 
  • “We are aware that there is confusion around skill tiers…Clarity coming in 1.6.”
  • Mixed feedback on match making. Casual vs. Competitve queue coming. 
  • “Overwhelming pleased by response to 1.5”
  • 1ICE Guild on Exceptions’ stream after broadcast. 
  • VGL NA tournament should not be missed. Prize is pretty amazing. 
  • Reveal coming later in the stream.

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