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[Live] Official Developer Stream – Tier 3 Skin Reveals (6/12/15)

What a crazy week on the fold, the community began to realize several serious flaws with the matchmaking system causing Super Evil to respond with a quick patch and news about 1.6: We will be getting Ranked and Casual queues. It’s unusual for them to give us so much news so early in the week, but from what their Twitter account has been saying, its likely we’ll see even more today!

This stream is looking to be one of the juiciest in quite a while. We’ll be getting multiple skin reveals, one of which will be the tier three of Shogun Ringo. They’ve implied that there will be other tier threes show as well, and PlayoffBeard hinted in a twitch chat that we might see Catherine’s skin as well. So, let’s all get ready for what I can only imagine will be a stream filled to the brim with news.


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