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Looking for a Writer for the EU Competitive Scene

If you love watching Vainglory tournaments and have strong writing skills, this is your chance to shine. There are a lot of awesome tournaments happening in the world of Vainglory, often back-to-back and even overlapping. In fact, there’s so much happening, that the Broken Myth team needs an additional writer to help cover it all and keep the community informed.


Responsibilities of being a writer for the EU competitive scene include:

  • Writing previews for upcoming EU tournament matches, once per week (~600-1000 words)
  • Watching EU competitive matches within a reasonable timeframe
  • Writing post-match highlights or analysis for EU tournament matches, once per week (~600-1000 words)
  • Maintaining a positive presence in public communications (Reddit, Twitter, forums, etc.)

Your first mission – should you choose to accept it – is to write an introductory preview of the upcoming VaingloryLeague season for EU in 1500 words or less. There’s no way you’ll be able to cover all 64 teams with 1500 words, so you’ll need to pick and choose what you think would be most interesting to a reader, whether it be details about top-seeded teams, strong newcomers, recent roster changes, etc. You have full autonomy to decide what you feel is best. Also, don’t feel obligated to fill the entire 1500 words if you can do it in less; in our world, less is more. You can find the EU brackets here.

Please email your preview submission, your IGN, and your region (EU preferable, but not mandatory) to by 12pm EST on January 13th. If your submission is selected, it will be posted to the site in your name and promoted through all our typical channels (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Additionally, we’ll take you on as a guest author to give you a test run, fulfilling the aforementioned responsibilities with the hope and expectation that we’ll like working with one another and you’ll formally join our team.

May the best Vainglorian win!

Note: all Broken Myth writers are volunteers who serve the Vainglory community in-between other responsibilities, such as careers, school, families, and so forth. However, is definitely beginning to grow into something more than a hobby and we’d love to see other talented individuals join us on that adventure.


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