NA Winter 2016 Championship: HH Velocity v. Liberation X


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The first few minutes of this game were rocky for both teams, with kills dropping down left and right. HHV’s early-game positioning was less than stellar; DNZio’s overaggressive play was jumped on by LBX’s triple melee team. LBX’s ace onto HHV at 4:30 was a great example of overaggressive plays by HHV. LBX seemed to take control of the match past the mid-game, grabbing a 3k gold lead by 13:30 and picking off HHV’s members. However, HHV had a fantastic teamfight and positioning at 15:00; Statusbaked was completely unable to close in on DNZio, and the hyper-carry Vox was left to wreak havoc on LBX. Following the ace, HHV secured the Kraken, and a one-for-three trade at 16:40 allowed HHV to close the game out comfortably.

Result: HHV: 1    LBX: 0


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HHV outdrafted LBX by far; LBX once again played a triple melee comp, but HHV’s Reim pick was incredibly strong against melees. Additionally, the Taka pick countered Skye, but Catherine and Reim both dealt with Taka extremely well. The first few skirmishes were in LBX’s favor, as Statusbaked and ttigers used their mobility to dance around Reim, but in the mid- and late-game, DNZio’s Skye was able to kite around the triple melee very effectively when combined with Reim’s and Catherine’s hard crowd control (CC). Despite an overly greedy push at 17:00, HHV still managed to close out the game with good engages and excellent target focus. In every fight, HHV managed to focus down either ttigers or Statusbaked, eliminating a threat very quickly, then winning the fight. At the 19:00 mark, ttigers was caught while shopping, and HHV managed to pull off a clean ace off of the back of this, grabbing a Kraken and executing a game-ending push.

Result: HHV: 2    LBX: 0

This series featured high-energy games with excellent play by both teams. Both teams displayed excellent mechanics, but had some small hiccups where they played too greedily or didn’t seem to be quite in sync with each other. By the end of it, however, HHV pulled off two exciting wins with better synergy and target focus.

HH Velocity plays with two players (Aloh4 and Vains) on stage, and DNZio playing from home.
HH Velocity has two players, Aloh4 and Vains, on stage, and DNZio playing from home.