NA Winter 2016 Championship: Nemesis Hydra v. HH Kinetic


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In a strange turn of events, half of game 1 was played once before the game was remade. However, NemH’s positive momentum carried over to the remade game, and the entire team played very cleanly and methodically, not making overaggressive plays and giving up very many unnecessary kills and picks. In a manner reminiscent of GSS’s game earlier today, NemH slowly built up a nice gold lead throughout the length of the game. They finished off the game with a 15:30 Kraken capture and a fantastic teamfight under HHK’s turret at 16:15 resulting in a clean ace.

Result: NemH: 1    HHK: 0


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The very early-game started out well for NemH, with Hardek winning the first jungle skirmish and successfully ganking the Ringo. However, there were repeated picks in jungle and Hardek was forced to go into the enemy jungle to be able to stay even on farm; recognizing that only one person was in lane, HHK took down the first turret at just three minutes, and a second turret at six minutes, giving them a massive gold advantage. HHK’s Adagio then stopped taking farm, feeding FearPoseidon’s Ringo all the farm and making him the hyper carry. Recognizing this, NemH had two successful fights and focused down FearPoseidon immediately in both fights. However, for some reason, in the subsequent fights, NemH failed to properly focus on one target, leaving FearPoseidon alive to completely shred through their team and allowing HHK to ultimately secure the victory.

Result: NemH: 1    HHK: 1


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In the first blind pick game of the day, Nemesis H recognized that HHK was likely to run a buff comp. Considering this, Catherine was a natural choice, because of how useful Blast Tremor is at shutting down the buff in buff comps. Additionally, Krul was a great choice for reducing the damage output of a hyper carry. HHK had an extremely strong start, pressuring NemH heavily. As soon as Kraken spawned at 15:00, HHK took it and pushed down two turrets. At 17:00, FearPoseidon had overaggressive positioning, and was caught by Hardek’s Krul despite SuiJeneris managing to block the Blast Tremor, resulting in two free kills for NemH. HHK subsequently took another Kraken and pushed down the rest of NemH’s turrets, exposing the Vain but getting aced in the process. In a heartstopping last fight at 20:50, NemH once again picked off FearPoseidon, cleaned up the rest of the HHK crew, and finished the game and series off.

Result: NemH: 2    HHK: 1

Both teams played extremely well today. NemH dominated in the first game of the series, then the roles were reversed when HHK secured an Adagio pick in the second game. In the third game, however, NemH managed to pull out a win by drawing the game out for Krul to really shine and by taking advantage of positioning mistakes by HHK’s carry.

Pictured in the front, LostBoyToph of NemH is known for impressive 1v3 plays.
Pictured in the front is LostBoyToph, roam for NemH, who is infamous for impressive 1v3 plays.