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Off-Meta Interview with FlashX

With numerous podcasts, streamed tournaments and websites (like this one) that analyze and breakdown elite Vainglory gameplay, top players often find themselves answering the same questions. How did you prepare? What comps have you been practicing? Why is Petal such a potato?

Through all this content I found certain topics sorely lacking from any conversation with  a Vainglorious tapper and with this I hope to shed light on some of those. FlashX of Team SoloMid was gracious enough to provide me with fantastic answers to the questions you want to know. Hop in!

If the Champion v Champion match was decided through dodgeball, who would win?

TSM. But the roles would probably be reversed in that Mico and Cull support me while I am the one doing the carrying ^^ Jk. We would all contribute equally.

What is something else you think you could master if you dedicated the amount of time to it that you have to VG?

Dancing. I’m an avid EDM fan would specifically really want to learn how to “Shuffle”. I can’t dance for shit and definitely have two left feet unfortunately but if I realistically put all my VG time (which is admittedly a lot) I figure I would be halfway decent. For reference:

What was the first video game you can remember being really good at?

Star Wars: Republic Commando. Basically it is the Star Wars version of Halo. An FPS for the PC they had global tournaments all hosted online and this is where I got the name Flash. One of the game modes was Capture the Flag and I was the #1 flag runner in the world for a very long time (albeit a VERY small community and total failure of a game but I was still pretty damn good).

Which character from a non-MOBA video game would you like to see in Vainglory? What would be their build path and ultimate move?

Ratchet and Clank. Similar to how Petal has her munions, these video game duos would also work similarly in that Ratchet and Jak would control their sidekicks Clank and Daxter, respectively. I think there’s also a Ratchet and Clank movie coming out soon. Ratchet was famous for owning very large weapons. His A ability would fire a linear shell that would knock back all enemies in his path and stun them for a brief duration. B ability would be detonating Clank turning him into a freeze bomb that upon detonation slows all movement and attack speed within the detonation radius. Ultimate move would be Clank becoming a robotic suit for Ratchet in which Ratchet is granted increased attack speed, increased armor and shield, basic attacks with armor piercing, increased cooldown reduction, and increased shield piercing. Using B ability will detonate the suit and freeze everyone around Ratchet.

Do you think you could win a fight with a jungle creep?

It would probably be a close fight… I’m not sure how much those guys work out but I’m a fairly fit individual.

What is the most complicated thing you’ve done while playing Vainglory?

Walk the dog… It wasn’t very successful though.

You’ve just opened a fast food restaurant and need to staff the place with Vainglory heroes to be a cashier, cook and janitor. Who do you hire to do each job?

Blackfeather as cashier. He’d probably swoon the ladies into paying more than they should. Ozo as cook – I feel as though his cooking style would be very creative. Fortress as janitor. He’d probably get the job done quickly.

Which celebrity would you want to feed you grapes while you played Vainglory?

Selena Gomez. She’s hot.

Which Vainglory hero needs a hug the most? How about a slap?

Koshka on both accords…. So dominant for so long but she’s just a potato now and really needs to get her shit together. Probably an inspirational pep talk follow by a hug, then a slap to get her moving in the right direction.

Hope you all found this enlightening! Thanks again to FlashX for participating in this interview.

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