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[Recap] Skye, Paragon Catherine T2, Taka Skin and More! (7/13/15-7/17/15)

It’s been a big week in the fold! Over at the OGN World Invitational, the developers teased the next hero, on Wednesday we saw the T2 of Catherine’s skin, and Friday we got to see the much anticipated Taka skin. So let’s dig in!

Skye, the Next Hero.

It seems like we’ve barely gotten into 1.6, but the developers are already teasing us with the hero for the next release. Her reveal was first leaked over Twitter by those attending the Korean event, but was later confirmed in a blog post by SEMC on the Vainglory website. The blog post featured a video of Skye’s model spinning around and a quote from Chainsaw. “Korean players demand high-skilled gameplay and beautiful art — and that’s what we intend to deliver with Skye.”

We, here at Broken Myth, took the liberty of putting together an article of our early (and sometimes silly) speculation over Skye, check that out here.

Shiro Kage Taka T1

Possibly the most requested skin period; they even pushed aside a well-developed Taka skin to make sure that the community got what they wanted with their Taka skin quickly. Something tells me that fans were not disappointed with what they got.  

Shiro Kage Taka—meaning “white shadow”—an alternate Taka that escaped from his oppressors and began working to bring them down. It notably features the cutest baby fox animation ever made. Video of it can be seen below, and the article is here.

Paragon Catherine T2

While I’m not much of a Catherine player, this skin seems to be progressing nicely and makes me wish that I did play her.  

The tier II of this skin features an ornate shield and horned helmet. The article for it is here.

Vainglory World & OGN

Those wanting to follow the tournament and found themselves without a plane ticket to Korea were likely disappointed to here that the matches would not be streamed live and instead would first be broadcast on OGN’s Korean television networks.

However, we do have some information from those who attended the event live, but I’m not going to spoil that for you. If you’re interested it’s not too hard to find on Twitter.

While those of us at home may not love the arrangement between OGN and SEMC, it seems that it’ll be benefitting the game quite a bit; the game has already been showcased in a few of OGN’s shows and it seems like Korea will become a primary audience for the game shortly.

The dates of the streams for these matches are detailed here.

Cards and Miscellaneous News

It was announced on the live stream that we’d be getting a way to turn unwanted cards into other cards that we want. Liking a trading  system or a card recycling feature, similar to Heathstone’s card dusting. From the way it was phrased, it seems like it’ll be closer to the second.

The other interesting news is a new variation in the ICE box; instead of the normal 80-card box filled with only rares-and-above, this cycle’s box contains only 60 cards making it easier to finish up the skins that are included in the box. This variation is important to note, because it shows the flexibility of the system and how we may see the boxes used in these unique ways. I’ll be going more in-depth on this in an upcoming article.

From now on I’ll be switching the old live stream recaps over into a full week recap every Saturday, this will be helpful when some slower news streams roll around, and it allows me to cover big news that was announced separate from the live stream, like the Skye announcement this week.


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