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[Recap] Official Livestream – Wicked vs. Vertigo (4/3/15)

Sorry for the lateness of this week’s recap, I’ve had a very busy weekend and have been dealing with a cold as well.

Following the release of 1.3 there was not all that much that SEMC could reveal for us, but they filled the week’s stream with a juicy battle between two North American guilds, Wicked and Vertigo.

The matches followed the normal 3v3 anything-goes scrimmage format of Vainglory, and was decided in the best-of-3 matches. In both fights, Wicked was represented by WickedKeys (LooseKeys of Shatter the Vain), WickedDrizzy, and AbsoluteXZero. Vertigo was represented by JoshOnVertigo, GuapOnVertigo, and MerkOnVertigo in the first match. The first match had a requirement that both teams played a Vox, full team comp shown below:
vertigo vs wicked team comps

The match went rather quickly in favor of Wicked after a level 2 invade that scored Wicked the first kill of the game. From there the match snowballed with Wicked nearly 3k up on gold by the 9 minute mark. 13 minutes in Wicked had pushed two turrets down and had a gold count that was more than double that of Vertigo. Wicked’s use of scout traps for vision enabled them to keep their lead by providing them near constant vision of Vertigo. The match ended 14-1 in favor of Wicked in just 20 minutes, the gold score for the game was 11,767 to 21,009 with Vertigo’s Ardan unable to reach lvl12.

Game 2 comps vertigo vs. wicked

The second match, comp shown above, was not as one-sided. Wicked fell behind in kills early on, but managed to stay ahead in gold through the game. The game took 24 minutes to reach a close in Wicked’s favor with 7-13 in Wicked’s favor and a gold score of 20,032 to 12,225.

Aside from the guild match it was announced that skins would be coming to Vainglory in 1.4 and that Joule would be receiving a buff.

That was it for this week’s livestream. A slower weak than normal, as is typical of post-update weeks, but still some fun news. Hope everyone is excited for next week!

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