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Vainglory Server Maintenance: Keep Yourself Entertained

server maintenance

The servers are now down for maintenance and will be down for approximately three hours. If you’re like me, you will be looking for creative ways to pass the time while waiting to get your daily dose of Vainglory. Here’s some suggestions:

  • First, keep an eye on the official Vainglory Twitter – they sometimes have Vainglory trivia games to help you pass the time. Not to mention, you can also get status updates on the server maintenance.
  • If you haven’t already seen this weekend’s VaingloryLeague matches, do so right now. You’ll be able to see the top players from Europe and North America fight to be the rulers of the Halcyon Fold. Any of the past broadcasts dated November 21st or 22nd are what you’re looking for.
  • If you’ve already seen this weekend’s matches, it’s recommended you take a look at the competitive analysis of VON Diablo vs HH Force by Vainglory community member, Duet. He provides some phenomenal insight into the brilliant strategies leveraged by these times in order to claim victory on the battlefield.
  • If you want a detailed look at how Patch 1.11 may impact the game you know and love, check out Keldegar’s detailed insights.
  • If you like to laugh, there is no Vainglory entertainment that can compare to Brerman’s stories of satire and parody. In fact, he just posted a brand new story about Fortress today, called Spark of the Bark. Definitely a must-read.
  • If you like theorycrafting new item builds, Gadianton’s analysis of weapon power items will give you a ton of new item build ideas to put into practice when the servers come back online.
  • If you have no idea how experience points in Vainglory works, I’d recommend checking out Keldegar’s inside scoop on the Vainglory experience point system. This is the sort of information you won’t find anywhere else. Disclaimer: some of the experience point values were changed in 1.11, but everything else remains the same.
  • Last – but not least – if you missed out on the celebration of the one-year anniversary of Vainglory, Jackaloupe compiled an annotated gallery of the concept art and history behind your favorite game.

I hope the passes by quickly for you. Enjoy!

— Gadianton

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