Stutter Step Dream

I had a rough game playing with my cousin where we fell very early to a large team deficit. I was trying to work on timing my stutter stepping to be more impactful as Ringo. I apologize for posting this so late. As you can see from the multiple Fountains, this was before the nerf to that item.

I’ve seen plenty of Ringo builds where the Ringo player will rush a Tension Bow and then start to work on a secondary damage item of either Sorrowblade or Blazing Salvo into a third tier attack speed item. However, I’m a Tyrant’s Monocle kind of guy. I go big or I go home.

Despite our early deficit I still found time to farm the lane. There’s no better way to get rich! I finished (almost) all my items and decided it was time to fight. I was a blur. It felt like I was playing a WP SAW that could move at full speed!

The last fight ensured that SAW couldn’t attack anyone on my team while we kited Koshka and Skaarf. Skaarf is expecting his damage-over-time to kill people, and my DPS was much too high for that.

In the last two team fights I racked up six kills (with the help of my wonderful team). I had 12 kills and six assists on 15 total team kills. The math doesn’t add up, but it sure looks good on the stat sheet!




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