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Telephone Art Game: Vainglory Edition

Recently, a group of artists in the Vainglory Art Discord server gathered together to play an art version of the classic “Telephone Game.” Each artist worked tirelessly, and Broken Myth is exclusively bringing you the final artwork of all participants! Let’s take a look at how this went down.

As the name suggests, the Telephone Art Game is similar in function to the classic Telephone Game. In this version, one artist draws in their preferred medium based on a prompt. Then, the individual passes their complete work to the next artist, whom must create their own masterpiece — but without reading the original prompt. This process is repeated until it reaches the final artist, to which the game is over and we can all celebrate with an endless supply of Opals… if you don’t have that already.

Community artist, guild leader, and podcast host Bleeko devised the initial description. For those of you who must know everything, read up on the game’s prompt below!

Preparation for this massive community project began back in February, and the hard work did not cease until this week. All 16 of the artists involved did a fantastic job, and well done to diffidxnce for spearheading the game. For full quality images of each individual artwork, be sure to visit the artists on Twitter or add them in-game!

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