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The Top 5 Plays of the VIPL2 World Finals

In our second collaboration, Fightastic and Broken Myth present the top 5 plays of the the finals matches: Ardent vs. Invincible Armada. These highlights were chosen to reflect the skill and preparation of six e-sports gladiators, duking it out on the world’s largest Vainglory stage. Congratulations to the winner, Ardent Alliance, and to the runner-up for such an entertaining match. Enjoy the video!

You can find the full gameplay videos on the OGN Global Twitch channel.



Fightastic creates guides and videos for Vainglory. (Is it weird to talk in the third person about yourself?) Anyway, he has recently begun collaborating with the fine folks at and looks forward to a future of collaborating on epic videos. Cheers and enjoy the video content!

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