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Update 2.7 Hero Tier List is Here!

Wait, is that a mirage? The Shroud Stepping, Chakram throwing, sand ninja bursts his way to the top of the 2.7 Tier List. In the Lane, Baron has traded in his rocket launcher for a saxophone in his new hit single, “Feeling the Ban Blues.” Vox and Idris maintain top Carry spots, while the Jungle remains relatively the same. In other Jungle news, we have a new contender, Reza, a mage so underwhelming he got a buff after just one day! Soaring near the top of the Captains list, the Valkyrie Queen Grace poses a dominating figure slightly ahead of Lyra. With that, let’s dive deep into the list and get your VST stepping in update 2.7!

Read on for the full breakdown and Tier List!


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