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Vainglory 8 Spring Breakdown: NA / EU Split 2 Week 1

While a new generation of teams made their debut, the battle-hardened veterans established dominion throughout last week’s NA and EU Vainglory 8. With the second week of Split 2 on the horizon, a lot of exciting action is set to take place. Learn about it all from Broken Myth in this Vainglory 8 update!


Matches To Watch

As teams try to secure the top seeds and a bye for the Unified Championships, every win each week counts. With the top two teams in EU tied at 23 points, no team knows this better than G2. Their opponents this week, Rising Lotus, has been consistently taking at least a game every week. Expect G2 to heavily resist opposition and attempt to stay on top.

FNATIC made major strides last week, finally bringing home a win in the Grand Finals. While Mousesports will not likely be tough opponents, the real challenge comes from a potential match against SK Gaming.

FNATIC have not been able to beat SK Gaming this entire Spring Season, having lost 0-2 every encounter. With their current bootcamp in London already showing fantastic results, will the tables be turned in FNATIC’s favor this coming week?

Heroes To Watch

Interesting trends have begun to emerge in the European meta. Samuel is making a resurgence. He currently boasts a 75% win-rate in Split 2, with Blackfeather and Fortress being the only other two heroes with similar win-rates.

Fortress has been banned the most in EU Vainglory 8 during Split 2. Kestrel comes in second with a 100% win-rate in Split 2, while Samuel follows third due to his recent successes.

North America

Matches To Watch

Newly acquired Tempo Storm made quite a premiere in the NA Vainglory 8 last week, taking home third place after defeating both Tribe Gaming and GankStars. This week, Tempo Storm faces Hammers in their first game.

Hammers, having won the grand finals last week, seems to have the upper hand but Tempo Storm have many surprises up their sleeves. This match is a must watch.

Rogue, the only team to defend their place in the NA Vainglory 8, will face the newly aquired challengers’ team, Tribe Gaming. After swallowing a loss to Tempo Storm last week, Tribe will be looking to prove they deserve their place in the NA Vainglory 8. These two evenly matched teams will leave us at the edge of our seats!

Heroes To Watch

The North American meta has had highly condensed bans unlike other regions. Lyra, Lance, Glaive and Koshka all have been banned ten times. When they are not banned, they are almost always chosen.

While not as commonly banned, Fortress, Grumpjaw and Flicker have all come up as potential picks as they are most likely remaining when Lyra, Lance, Glaive, and Koshka have been banned, as they most likely remain available after the prior 4 are banned. Expect to see a rise of Fortress, Grumpjaw and Flicker picks this coming weekend.

While Gwen has recently become more popular in the meta, her win rate in NA is a measly 28%. There may be more experimentation this coming week as players try to find an effective Carry.

Be sure to catch the action this weekend at Vainglory’s Twitch. Matches for NA & EU begin at 9 AM PDT, and a full schedule is available in this post. Which match are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next week for another NA & EU Vainglory 8 Update!

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