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Vainglory 8 Spring Breakdown: SEA Split 1 Week 2

Need to catch up on the SEA Vainglory 8? Broken Myth has you covered! SEA takes a different format than the other official Vainglory tournaments with a Round Robin format instead of weekly elimination brackets. Last week we saw strange bans and even stranger team compositions leading to unexpected results. Take a look at last week’s highlights and see what’s in store for week three!

Vainglory 8 Spring Season: SEA Split 1 Week 2 Day 1 (Replay)
Vainglory 8 Spring Season: SEA Split 1 Week 2 Day 2 (Replay)

Matches to Look Forward To

Team Popeyes, Team Erudite, and Glacier Axe – all talented teams that made it through the SEA challenger series recently. If PH Alliance doesn’t want to face one of these teams in the upcoming challenger battles, they need to step up their play. However, PH Alliance has a tough climb this week with both J3X Inferno and number one ranked team Infamous on their schedule.

The Exorcists take on Silver this week. Currently tied in rank and hovering around the bottom three, each team needs to bring home a win. These teams look equally matched on the surface. Silver has had roster changes for matches recently, but will they send out their best this coming weekend?

Finally, keep a close eye on J3X Inferno vs Impunity. Impunity has shown weakness before in their match against the new Infamous roster, and J3X Inferno can put up a serious fight when they bring their best. This could be a big moment for J3X Inferno to make a serious mark on the SEA Vainglory 8. Tune in this weekend and watch what happens!

Heroes To Watch For

Hero picks this week came as a shock to viewers and commentators alike. SAW was chosen twice in double Crystal Power team comps. Ringo and Vox were unsurprisingly the most popular choices as the Carry position in SEA, but SAW is the fourth most chosen hero. Unusually, Baron takes the third most chosen spot.

In the Jungle, Ozo picks were abundant despite healers not being picked in matches. This is made even more curious by him being the third most banned character in SEA Vainglory 8 play. The Jungle has diversified for SEA in terms of picks. Glaive, Koshka, and Samuel have joined Taka and Alpha in terms of popularity. Ardan is the most popularly chosen Captain, followed quickly by Lance and then Adagio before popularity dips rapidly.

Be sure to catch the SEA Vainglory 8 action this weekend over on Tesseract eSport’s Mobcrush. Matches begin at 6 PM SGT. Which match are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next week with another SEA Vainglory 8 Update!

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