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Vainglory 8 Spring Breakdown: SEA Split 2 Preview

Split 2 begins for the SEA Vainglory 8 this weekend! For those who aren’t fully updated on SEA, be sure to check out Broken Myth’s coverage of the SEA Challenger Battles. With recent news incoming on a major team shake up in SEA, this second Split starts off with a bang.

Matches To Watch

While Team Popeyes was the only team to make it through the Challenger Battles and the only to do so by forfeit, another team will join the SEA Vainglory 8. Due to team-related issues, J3X Inferno has been removed.

The closest runners up, Team Erudite, will take their place. However, none of J3X’s points will be distributed amongst other teams. With this large outflux of points, each game counts more than ever for the current teams on the bottom fighting to avoid future Challenger Battles.

Team Erudite will have an exciting rematch of their Challenger Battle against Silver to start the weekend. Last match they managed to take a game off Silver before their eventual defeat. Silver’s victories began to take place when laykieng was brought in as Carry. Watch for Silver’s roster in this matchup!

Team Popeyes face an intense challenge for their Vainglory 8 premiere as they are set to take on SEA’s current number one team: Infamous. After this grueling battle they face a slightly more reasonable challenge against The Exorcists on day two. Watch to see what kind of impact the thus unproven Popeyes will make.

Finally, watch to see Impunity and Elite 8 fight for the contention of the second place spot in the standings. When they last met, Impunity was able to pull out a 2-1 win despite AnimeSaveMe’s impressive Ozo play. Who will win as they meet again?

Heroes To Watch

While only the Challenger Battles have taken place thus far in Update 2.3 for competitive teams, several interesting trends have started to emerge from those games as well as the general public to watch out for.

Ozo: SEA’s love affair with Ozo is quite noticeable compared to other regions. Often banned in drafts and picked whether healers are present or not, it will be interesting to see if he maintains his notoriety in SEA Vainglory 8.

Fortress: Fortress currently boasts one of the highest win rates in SEA, and this region was the first to popularize the pick in Update 2.2. Expect to see incoming Fortress bans and potential picks.

Alpha: There is a current debate over if Alpha is broken or not in 2.3. She also boasts the highest win rate for Junglers currently in SEA. This leaves the possibility to see her either banned or picked more prominently than usual.

Catherine: Catherine currently holds the second highest win rate for a Captain on SEA servers, outdoing both Lyra and Adagio. Will Catherine’s rise lead to less automatic bans for the prior two heroes?

Skaarf: Skaarf is currently boasting a higher winrate as Carry on SEA servers than both Vox and Ringo. A newfound popular pick in North America’s Challenger Battles, Skaarf may be on the rise. Expect to see him picked this weekend.

Be sure to catch the SEA Vainglory 8 action this weekend over on Tesseract eSport’s Mobcrush. Matches begin at 6 PM SGT. Which match are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next week with another SEA Vainglory 8 Update!

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