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Vainglory 8 Spring Breakdown: SEA Split 2 Week 2

Split 2 is heating up for SEA Vainglory 8! As week three approaches, two teams battle for supremacy, two more battle to avoid Challengers and strange heroes take the spotlight. Ready for a breakdown of the action? Come along for this Broken Myth SEA Vainglory 8 update!

Matches To Watch

Infamous and Impunity will finally meet once again for an epic showdown! When they last met in week one, Infamous gave the Impunity roster—which had represented SEA for the 2016 World Championships—their first 0-2 loss in Vainglory 8 history.

Since then, these two teams have duked it out for top placement in the league. They both sit only one point away from the top slot, shifting to Impunity if they can win. Can deftQ, spaghetti and Quatervois take the win this time? Or will uNi, QuiXotic, and SnkEA bring home another victory?

Also on the table for this week is Silver vs The Exorcists. When they last faced off, The Exorcists took home a highly contested 2-1 win with every match a close fight to the end. This week, if they can pull off a victory without dropping a game, The Exorcists can potentially pull out of the danger zone for Challenger Battles.

In their last match, both teams chose now popular mage Carries like Skaarf and Celeste, with a Celeste and Glaive combo used by both teams multiple times. Will we see mages take the lane by storm once again, or will both teams have new tricks up their sleeves?

Heroes To Watch

SEA has seen very unusual Carries take the spotlight compared to other Vaingloy 8 regions. Baron has sported a whopping 75% win-rate, Celeste comes in at 66% and Vox, Ringo and Gwen only settling in at 50%.

The Jungle has seen SEA prioritising Glaive picks, despite his incredibly lackluster 28% win-rate. This is unusual seeing as how Kestrel comes in with a 62% win-rate, Samuel and Taka with a 60% win-rate, and three separate heroes Grumpjaw, Idris, and Krul being undefeated thus far.

For Captains, Lyra has been the most banned hero in all of SEA Vainglory 8 by far. While Fortress as a pick was popularized by SEA, he has not won a single game yet when chosen. By far, the most successful Captain has been Ardan, who boasts a 64% win-rate.

Be sure to catch the SEA Vainglory 8 action this weekend over on Tesseract eSport’s Mobcrush. Matches begin at 6 PM SGT. Which match are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next week with another SEA Vainglory 8 Update!

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