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Vainglory Developer Livestream (Feb. 22): Tony Hero Reveal, Storm Queen’s Rise, Lunar New Year

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Super Evil Megacorp is turning over a new leaf with Update 3.0 to increase the frequency of their developer livestreams. This past week, a stream was held to announce the Lunar New Year team winner, Vainglory’s next hero Tony, and the Storm Queen’s Rise event. For those that couldn’t¬†watch the stream live, we have you covered with the full details.

Lunar New Year Event Concluded

Half of our readers will be excited to hear that Team Gwen has won the in-game Lunar New Year event by a whopping 0.1% point lead! All Team Gwen players will receive one unowned skin, while all Team Reza players will receive one random blueprint. Claim your reward in the MARKET > EVENT tab. (For the record, we were with the Infernal Dragons.)

Storm Queen’s Rise Event

Following the positive reception from the LNY event, the participation train continues! We aren’t sure if there will be in-game quests yet, but there are a few details we know you can celebrate with now.

Event Trailer Video

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A cinematic video with Storm Queen background information and 5V5 footage was created to initiate the event … in addition to a sneak peak of the new hero Tony coming in Update 3.1! Did you spot him?

Storm Queen Fan Lore Contest

Writers and artists are finally getting some love! From now until February 26th, write or draw your own Storm Queen lore story. Winners will receive 2500 Essence and blueprints for two upcoming skins. For more information on how to enter, read up on the official contest post.

Price Drop on Mostly Innocent Heroes

Heroes that are allied to or opposing the Storm Queen’s regime have a 25% purchase discount. If you’re getting started to Vainglory or want to beef up a smurf account, then now is your opportunity to increase your hero pool.

  • Allies | Alpha, Churnwalker, Samuel, Varya
  • Enemies | Ardan, Baptiste, Catherine, Celeste, Vox

Choose Your Own Adventure Lore

The one and only SugarVenom conducted a lore voice session for the upcoming hero Tony and a surprise skin on the¬†Vainglory Discord server. Players participated in Tony’s fate by voting on what happens next in his journey. You can craft the lore for yourself in the Tony’s Rise: The Beginning post.

Community vs. Dev Matches

As per usual, viewers were invited to play on stream to either embarrass themselves or prove their skill set. Three 5V5 matches were played between community members and developers, with each side being represented by Team Gwen or Team Reza up until the event’s closure.

Let us know your bold predictions on the new hero Tony coming in Vainglory Update 3.1! Which role will he primarily play as? What will his abilities do? Are there any secret Easter eggs in his unique lore?

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