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Vainglory Developer Update: 5V5 Ciderhelm Interview

August 18, 2017 – SEMC releases their 5V5 Ciderhelm Interview Developer Update

SEMC recently published a video featuring a Q&A session with lead gameplay designer Ciderhelm. An argument can be made about whether people were more excited to see Ciderhelm or about 5V5 news (I’m sure PlayoffBeard would go with the former), but here’s an overview of what was covered. Keep in mind that some of the additions or changes for the 5V5 project may be carried over to the Halcyon Fold for Vainglory’s core 3V3 mode!

how will vainglory differentiate itself from other mobas out there?

A huge chunk of Vainglory’s community comes from other MOBAs. Naturally, we wish Vainglory to be different from the other MOBAs on the market. In 3V3 we had a unique horizontal camera angle, which allowed for an immersive experience, with more of the map in direct view. This angle will be carried over to the 5V5 game mode as well. The team is also working on keeping the jungle as a key area of gameplay by tweaking the jungle objectives.

what kind of map and jungle objectives can players expect?

We’re definitely getting a 3 lane map! However, the jungle is a major area of gameplay in 3V3 and 5V5. In 3V3, we had Crystal Sentries, Gold Miner and Kraken. These were designed to provide an advantage in early game damage, aid teams accrue a gold lead through the game, and grant immense pushing power to end. So, what happens in 5V5? Do we get a 3 lane Kraken? Will we see team buff objectives? SEMC has assured us they are working on variations to ensure a diverse meta. The early game objectives will still help players secure kills, and the end game objectives will still be geared toward closing the game. With the larger map, there will also be more areas to utilize on the map. This goes beyond simply pushing and team fighting. We can expect a more macro-oriented game with bigger puzzle pieces falling into the equation.

how will mobility and vision be addressed on a larger map?

A big concern with mobility is the ability to cross walls. It’s pretty hit or miss as it stands. You may have a general idea of which walls you can cross with Shroudstep or Impale and other such abilities, but it involves guesswork (or mad skill). This will change, and not just for 5V5. These changes will include systemic modifications and map adjustments. Vision is another asset the Vainglory gameplay team wishes to improve upon holistically. Again, this includes both 5V5 and 3V3 mode vision.

how will super evil megacorp balance heroes and items for both 3v3 and 5v5 at the same time?

Ciderhelm has agreed that this is a bit of an issue. They are trying to address it by providing a buff or nerf to a specific aspect in 5V5. A big objective for the team is trying to make players have as little to learn as possible while transitioning between modes.

will vainglory advertise 5v5?

A common misconception among players is that Vainglory doesn’t advertise. However, Vainglory advertisements are everywhere—it’s just that they aren’t targeted toward long time players. Why would someone who already plays the game see advertisements? 5V5 is a milestone SEMC’s marketing team is excited to advertise as a shiny step forward.

will 5v5 eclipse 3v3 and become the core experience or standard mode for vainglory?

5V5 is not designed to take over 3V3. The long term view is that both modes will coexist. This is a question that depends on the players for an answer, though. Most aspects of Vainglory, from the meta and features, to the skins, are influenced by the community’s wishes and how the community reacts to them. The players will thus have a huge part in deciding this based on how much time they invest in the game mode.

Personal Insight

Vainglory’s 5V5 mode is definitely a work in progress. Even when it is released, it will constantly be changed and evolve until it is the best it can be. The Vainglory 5V5 Ciderhelm Interview, while not offering too much specific information, assures us of this. It also confirms that the team is going to take all the time they need to smoothen out the experience internally before rolling it out to us. We’ve got a lot to expect in the coming months, so stay tuned for more coverage!

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