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[Live] Coverage of the First 2016 Vainglory Developer Stream (1/8/16)

Super Evil Megacorp is back for another year of reveal-packed streams and it looks like today’s is already lined up to have some juicy content. Since the last dev stream, we’ve seen the splash art and lore for Vainglory’s next hero, Reim, as well the tier III skins of Prehistoric Glaive and Infinity Skaarf. With update 1.13 coming next Wednesday, it’s safe to say that we’ll be getting even more previews of the next version, including a┬ápotential reveal of Reim’s kit and in-game footage of the new skins. Stay tuned for all of the awesome news and reveals by following our live blog of the stream.



While you wait for the live stream, which starts at 2pm PST on the Vainglory Twitch Channel, consider reading some of our latest articles:

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