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Vainglory Magnus Hero Reveal: Abilities, Talents, Builds

vainglory magnus

Magnus makes a noble entrance in Vainglory Update 3.9 to mark the start of the Winter season. This Gythian prince is ready to dethrone his foes, coming fully prepared with his hands full of Arcane magic. Broken Myth is here with an early look at Magnus’ abilities, talents, and best builds to inaugurate the Update 3.9 meta.

Compared to other heroes, Magnus follows simple principles that trail a low skill floor. Magnus’ heroic perk afflicts Arcane Mark onto enemies hit by his abilities, unleashing bonus effects when they’re next attacked. Due to its short cooldown and high damage potential, Mystic Missile (A) is the bread and butter of Magnus’ kit. Additionally, hitting enemies with Arcane Mark scatters the missile across nearby targets, dealing damage and afflicting a mark. In team fights, prioritize hitting frontline heroes to spread his mark. Chrono Driver (B) on its own is not a daunting ability, but when coupled with Arcane Mark, enemies become briefly stunned. This alone provides Magnus with an upper edge when engaging in team fights, as enemies will be cautious to initiate around him. Seraphic Flare (Ult) channels a shockwave of energy in the target direction, dealing damage to targets in its path, with bonus damage against marked enemies.

It’s crucial to keep track of which enemies are marked to maximize Magnus’ damage output.

Magnus is fragile in the early game, but ramps up as he approaches the middle game after accruing damage items. He requires a careful and patient play style while he waits for targets to come in range of afflicting Arcane Mark. Since Magnus does not have any weapon ratios, landing his abilities from afar is more valuable than diving in a fight to trade basic attacks. Utilize the massive range on his abilities to remain in the backline of fights, similar to other crystal mages. When playing against Magnus, lure him into a position where you can stay on top of him; because he lacks mobility, his only option is to fight. Magnus primarily plays as a long-ranged crystal mage in the middle lane, but he is also a viable pick in the top lane under the same itemization conditions.

Vainglory Magnus Abilities

Arcane Rite (Heroic Perk)

Whenever an enemy is hit by any of Magnus’ abilities, they are afflicted with an Arcane Mark for 4 seconds. Magnus’ abilities have bonus effects when hitting enemies afflicted with Arcane Mark.

Additionally, Magnus can basic attack an afflicted target, consuming the Arcane Mark and exploding it for 50-180 (level 1-12) (+100% crystal power) bonus crystal power.

LVL 1 LVL 12
Health 648 2065
Energy 380 732
Armor 25 75
Shield 25 55
Base Weapon 80 158
Attack Speed 100% 125%
Range 6
Move Speed 3.4

Mystic Missile (A)

Magnus fires a magic missile in the target direction, dealing crystal damage to the first target hit.

  • Hitting enemies with Arcane Mark scatters the missile to all other nearby targets.
LVL 1 LVL 2 LVL 3 LVL 4 LVL 5 CP Ratio
Cooldown 6s 6s 6s 6s 4s
Energy Cost 30 35 40 45 50
Damage 80 140 200 260 320 100%
Damage (Split Missiles) 60 105 150 195 240 75%
Range 10 10 10 10 12

Chrono Driver (B)

Magnus sends a disc of time magic in the target direction that returns to him, dealing crystal damage to all targets it passes through.

  • Hitting enemies with Arcane Mark briefly stuns them.
LVL 1 LVL 2 LVL 3 LVL 4 LVL 5 CP Ratio
Cooldown 14s 13s 12s 11s 10s
Energy Cost 60 70 80 90 100
Damage 40 70 100 130 160 40%
Stun Duration 0.4s 0.5s 0.6s 0.7s 0.9s

Seraphic Flare (Ultimate)

Magnus gathers arcane energy in the target direction for 1 second, dealing massive damage to all targets in the area afterwards.

  • Deals 50% bonus damage to targets with Arcane Mark.
  • If an enemy hero dies within 0.3 seconds of getting hit by this ability, then they will explode in Arcane Magic, launching Mystic Missile to all nearby targets.
LVL 1 LVL 2 LVL 3 CP Ratio
Cooldown 80s 70s 60s
Energy Cost 100 125 150
Damage 250 375 500 120%

Vainglory Magnus Talents

Mystic Seer (Rare)

Arcane Mark lasts longer and reveals marked targets. Level 20 stats:

  • Bonus Duration: 8 seconds

Arcane Alchemist (Epic)

Basic attacking a marked target does not consume Arcane Mark, additionally Magnus passively gains attack speed. Level 10 stats:

  • Passive Attack Speed: +75%

Infinite Arcana (Legendary)

Hitting an enemy hero with an ability reduces all ability cooldowns. Level 5 stats:

  • Cooldown: 30%

Vainglory Magnus Builds

Below are the two recommended builds SEMC has curated for Magnus. For more information on situational items for carries, visit our complete breakdown. Be sure to check our new top hero builds page soon for Broken Myth’s Vainglory Magnus hero guide!

Royal Commander

Deal damage from the backline with some self defense.
(High Damage, Low Defense)

slumbering husk

Adept Arcanist

Deal massive damage from the backline and rely on teammates for defense.
(Massive Damage, No Defense)

The Update 3.9 activation day is slated for December 11th at 8:00 AM PST / 16:00 GMT / 0:00 SGT with no downtime. Be on the lookout for five new skins, a new item, instant game resume, UI improvements, the Winter season, and general meta changes. If you have any questions about Vainglory’s newest hero Magnus, ask away in the comments below, and we’d be happy to answer them!

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