Vainglory News Weekly News Roundup

Vainglory Weekly News Roundup

This week in Vainglory News we have the Update 2.3 patch notes and a new community website.

update 2.3: charms, all access passes, streamlined experiences AND MORE

To kick off 2017, the folks over at SEMC held a special live stream outlining everything they had in store for the year ahead. One of the highlighted features was Talents. A number of features came of Talents tech, and two of them will debut on Update 2.3: Charms and Passes. Charms are a unique new way to communicate with players in game, both allied and opposing. Unlocking Charms by purchasing a temporary Pass reveals a special new emote that sports three actions. Peform a custom taunt animation, announce a map-wide voice line and emotes a kissue face.

Charms can be bought for glory. Additionally, the first free chest you open in Update 2.3 will contain a free 7-day Charms Pass.

Update 2.3 will also be replacing the Boosts with All-Access Passes. For a select amount of time, these All-Access Passes will give you: All heroes unlocked, and a 50% boost for Glory, Account Experience, Guild Fame and Sunlight, and Charms unlocked on all heroes. What more could you want?

In an effort to highlight the interface with all the new heroes, charms and skins hitting the Fold, we’ll be seeing a Hero Hub added to the sidebar. Tapping on a Heroes portrait will open up a page with all the details in one place, including Skins and its Spotlight Video. Also present are links to VaingloryFire community builds and SugarVenom’s official Vainglory lores!

All of these and many more features such as an improved practice mode are fully explained in the Update Notes.

‘Epic’ Elite Force Baron

Joining ‘Elite Force’ Idris, SEMC has announced a new skin to the lineup — ‘Elite Force’ Baron. Being an Epic skin, it has a lot to look forward to, including:

  • Black and gold exo-armor
  • Flight helmet with holographic display
  • Thrusters ignite to create flaming plasma ion wings when Jump Jets are in use
  • Multi-ordinance launcher

Community Website ‘Halcyon Hub’

Last week we were in for a treat when a new community website, Halcyon Hub, was announced. Run purely by a passionate group of Vainglory Community members, here you’ll find the latest content in Vainglory.

Thank you for dropping by this week’s News Roundup, and we hope to see you back next week for more!

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