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Vainglory Weekly News Roundup

During the past week, we’ve received news of a new tournament format for the South East Asian, China and East Asian Regions, and a competition looking for the best moments in Blitz games. There is also news of compensation for server issues in the SEA region.

asian tournament format, 2017:

For 2017, Asian esports will be getting some love with the EVIL 8 tournament format finding its way into the Chinese, South East Asian and East Asian servers. From the Vainglory website:

  1. China, East Asia, and Southeast Asia servers will each have a Vainglory 8 league and Challenger league. East Asia will have Challenger leagues in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan/ Hong Kong region. All matches will be played online.
  2. For Spring season 2017, format and rules will follow Vainglory 8 2017 format & rules (SEA rules, EA rules). Format and rules are subject to change next season–we will be making adjustments so that the format is compatible with each community.

For full details on how to watch the tournaments and how to compete, be sure to give the SEMC article a read.

ice COMPENSATION for sea players:

Following the release of Update 2.2, SEA players were denied many hours of play because the servers were down, again. This prevented them from grinding and utilizing any boosts they bought before servers were pulled into maintenance. To compensate players for this inconvenience, SEMC will be granting all SEA players a free chest containing 200 ICE (expires on March 13th at 7:00 p.m. PDT). Additionally, all activated boosts for SEA players since Update 2.2 will be reactivated for a week.

 epic blitz mode moments competition:

SEMC wants to see the best moments you or someone in your team has had in a Blitz match.

  1. Win a match without the enemy team getting a single point. #BlitzZero
  2. Win a match by dominating the last team fight in an epic 1v3 manner. #BlitzNightmare
  3. Steal the Gold Mine from the enemy team to secure the win for your team. #BlitzSteal

If you’ve had any of the above happen to you, you’ll want to post a replay of it so that you stand a chance of winning 3 epic mystery keys! The full contest details and submission requirements are available on the Vainglory website.

community mentions:

Kenshin, a writer, analyst and streamer of Vainglory, published an incredibly in-depth and accurate article on Ability Overdrives and Ultimates. It’s a sizable read, but it’s totally worth it–check it out when you’ve got time!


We hope you liked this week’s Vainglory News Roundup and that you’ll come back next week for more.

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