Vainglory News Weekly News Roundup

Vainglory Weekly News Roundup

The past week in Vainglory News saw a surprise skin release and SEMC’s CEO speaking at GDC about building a great community.

Legendary ‘corsair’ krul skin

In a surprise release, SEMC introduced a new Legendary skin: Corsair Krul. This skin is exclusive to a special Mystery Chest until April 19th. This Mystery Chest going for 199 ICE per pull can be found in the Deals section of the market. All Legendary skins inside of this limited time Rare Mystery Chest are replaced with Corsair Krul — giving you a 1-in-20 chance each pull. Otherwise, normal Rare Mystery Chest drops apply. Following April 19th, the skin will be available for direct purchase for 3599 ICE. Corsair Krul features a bulk of model and animation changes to make this a must-have skin. These include:

  • Ornate skull-hilted cutlass
  • New beard style
  • Tricorne pirate hat with feather and parrot skeleton
  • Hook hand & peg leg
  • Treasure: rings on his fingers & gold coin
  • Captain’s waistcoat & striped breeches
  • New weaponry: ship’s cannon & flintlock pistol!
  • Flintlock pistol crit shots
  • Hook-hand attacks
  • Spectral Smite indicator shows skull & crossbones
  • Cannon effect for Spectral Smite
  • Limping peg leg walk
  • New recall: triumphant sword removal results in sword returning & knocking him off his feet
  • Ghostly sprint when Krul is Empowered by the Shadows!

Check out the post on Vainglory’s website for an in-game video reveal and the alternate fate lore.

semc SPeaks at gdC

SEMC’s CEO, Kristian Segerstrale, recently spoke at the Game Developer’s Conference. Here he highlighted an often overlooked aspect of designing the ideal game — building a great community to go with it. This is especially hard with a mobile platform. Be sure to give the video recording a watch to hear what Kristian has to say about it!

Thank you for reading this week’s Vainglory News Roundup, and we hope you come back next week for more!

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