Vainglory News Weekly News Roundup

Vainglory Weekly News Roundup

This week in Vainglory News, we have Spider Queen Kestrel, an in-depth Talents walkthrough, and the Spring 2017 Developer Progress video.

Epic Spider Queen Kestrel

This isn’t a web of lies! Kestrel yet again receives a glamorous skin to match her unique archer theme in Spider Queen Kestrel. The epic skin will make its debut on the Fold starting in update 2.5. Soon, you’ll be able to silly string your enemies into a super sticky spider silk stun (say that 10x fast). Apart from elvish alliteration, Spider Queen Kestrel features model & effect changes as follows:

  • Spider Mother Bow with webs
  • Drops exploding spider sacs for Active Camo
  • Elvish leap during Glimmershot
  • Spins into new pose for One Shot One Kill

Be sure to check out the rest of the Spider Queen Kestrel model & effect changes, in-game content, and Alternate Fate lore.

In-depth Talents Walkthrough

As the release of Talents inches closer, it’s time to prepare our Glory (and ICE) for over 90 fresh mini-abilities for Brawl game modes. In an in-depth walkthrough by PlayoffBeard, Talents and their core mechanics are augmented through quick and informative detail. In short, Talents are “collectible hero upgrades that make Vainglory’s short Brawl game modes even more mayhem-filled and fun.” Be sure to watch the full video to see Talent unlock methods, what Talents can do, and ICE-to-Glory conversions. Talents come full-fledge in update 2.5, so start saving!

Spring 2017 Developer Progress Video

Since the beginning of the Winter Season, Super Evil has slowly been hinting and expanding on the future of Vainglory. The progress update, once again narrated by PlayoffBeard, highlights some of Vainglory’s biggest changes to come, such as: Talents, 5V5 mode with a new map, additional servers, a new hero, and so much MOAR to bring about a buttery-smooth™ play experience. These features are sure to improve the quality of Vainglory for your enjoyment while keeping the fundamental aspects of the game you have cherished for years.

Thanks for reading this week’s News Roundup, and be sure to tune in next week for more! P.S. Congratulations to Cloud9 on winning the Vainglory Spring 2017 Unified Western Live Championship. Well deserved!

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