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Vainglory Worlds 2017: Day 3 (Recap)

vainglory worlds 2017 day 3

Day 3 provided the best action we have seen all tournament long. Today was the first time production had started on time according to the preset schedule. Throughout the day, everything appeared to be moving much smoother as well — which is a huge relief for viewers and displays the tireless effort put forth by both SEMC and the production company to improve the experience.

The first series of the day, Tribe Gaming vs. Cloud9, left viewers in shock at the results. ACE Gaming advancing to the Grand Finals ahead of Impunity marks the end of the ShaveoffBeard run. Check out our Twitter Moment to find out what this shaving craze was all about. Broken Myth is here to recap Vainglory Worlds 2017 each day so you don’t miss a blink of action!

Day 3 Results

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Tribe Gaming vs. Cloud9

The action kicked off with the battle for the best NA team: Tribe Gaming and Cloud9. Going in, Cloud9 was the strong favorite in the series, having previously dominated in Vainglory8. Both rosters are filled with experienced players; all of whom have played on a live stage before.

Game 1

Tribe hopped onto a fast start, eliminating Cloud9’s Crystal Sentry just after the 9–minute mark. For the rest of the game, Tribe thrived in Cloud9’s jungle. This eventually led to Tribe taking game one, handing Cloud9 their first loss of the tournament.

Game 2

The second game started off much the same as the first, with Tribe controlling the pace and both jungles. Tribe mimicked the objective-based playstyle that Cloud9 usually employs to make them so successful. The turning point in game two was a fight around the 21–minute mark where Oldskool on Vox completely swung a team fight with ramping damage. From this point on, Cloud9 did not lose a team fight on their way to tie the series up 1-1. An interesting note in draft: Tribe passed on the Blackfeather as their last pick, opting to put ttigers on Koshka as a comfort pick.

Game 3

Starting off in a much more passive playstyle, each team composition was playing more for the mid-to-late game. The difference between the two compositions was the dive hero picks by Cloud9, and the responding peel comp put together by Tribe. Though, Tribe was successful in taking game three after winning a team fight; where DNZio kited back from Cloud9’s choke point turret all the way to Tribe’s first turret.

Game 4

Game four saw emotions running high from the get go. During draft phase, fans could see DNZio throw his hands in the air in frustration when the decision was made to take Adagio over Vox as the last pick. However, the pick proved to pay off, as Tribe on game four took the series 3-1. After the match, Oldskool became very emotional. In the end, as good of a team as Cloud9 is, Tribe played close to if not the best games in Vainglory this year.

Ace Gaming Vs. Impunity

These two teams are very intriguing: Coming into the tournament, ACE was widely regarded the favorite to win all of Worlds. However, they have not to this point quite lived up to the hype that they brought in. Impunity, on the other hand, is the hometown favorite, and somewhat of a darkhorse that has emerged through the first two days. Some of their success can also be attributed to bootcamps they attended, and also Quatervois’ immense drafting skills.

Game 1

In game one, we saw Impunity draft a composition that forced them to play for the late game win. ACE took advantage of this and pushed hard early, showing flashes of brilliance — handily winning game one. By the end of this game, ACE was starting to look more like the team we had all expected to be dominant in the tournament.

Game 2

ACE started out game two with a surprise pick of flexing Glaive into the captain position. All things considered, the game was fairly even up until around the 12:30 mark, where again ACE seemed to take over. Impunity was able to force a small comeback, but it wasn’t enough. ACE won the game on a backdoor play and went up 2-0 in the series.

Game 3

As game three started, Impunity began much better by solidifying a lead early in the game. They continued to play their composition well through the game, methodically picking off one person from ACE; then taking objectives. Impunity took the game to bring the series 2-1, restoring the local crowd’s momentum for them.

Game 4

Impunity picked somewhat of a risky comp in game four, relying on a Celeste to scale and survive to win the game. They were successful with this strategy for almost the whole match, but a major turning point hit when ACE was able to take the Celeste down one fight. ACE went on to finish the game and take the series — in dazzling fashion with another backdoor by creatioN on a crit Rona.

REMEMBER: At the end of the day, both of the teams who were defeated in the semifinals have had amazing years, and should be proud of their accomplishments and the success that they have shown!

Day 3 Hero Stats

vainglory worlds 2017 day 3 hero stats

Found above are the culmination of the stats from the first three days of the tournament. You can track the full spreadsheet live in real time during the fourth day of competition. Keep it on tab to track hero stats broken down by group, region, and totals for the day. As a note: There were a few stat corrections made from the previous days. These do not show up in the previous recap articles, but do appear in the spreadsheet for the tournament.

Several interesting picks came out during the two best of five series in the semifinals. The first was the contestation and dominance of Vox and the counter pick of Adagio. In the second series, in game four, ACE’s laner creatioN played Rona — but in a variance that had huge critical strikes in an attempt to burst down QuiCi’s Celeste. This decision was lauded as an amazing call, but had it not worked, it may have been the demise of ACE at Worlds. The last picks to touch on are the combination of Ardan and Baptiste used by Tribe. This composition allowed for amazing peel, and showed similarities to the deadly combo of Catherine and Baptiste from a few patches earlier.

Make sure to tune in today (or tonight) for another action packed day of competition! The broadcast will start with the third place match between Cloud9 and Impunity, which will air at 10PM PST. This will precede the global unveiling of the much anticipated 5v5 game mode. This will be showcased in a “King of the Hill” style, with Renegades taking on members from ROX Armada, followed by TSM — who will be joined by a former teammate of FlashX’s and current SEMC employee ShinKaigan. After this, the Finals for Worlds 2017 are scheduled to start at 3am PST. Catch the action on Vainglory’s streams for a nail-biting final day, or check back tomorrow on Broken Myth for your daily recap!

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