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Vainglory Worlds Invitational – Round of 16

On June 9, 2015 SEMC announced the first international Vainglory Worlds Invitational tournament, featuring qualifiers for three regions, and including teams from six different areas around the globe. The North American qualifiers began on Thursday, and already we’ve seen 48 of the 64 original teams moved to the loser’s bracket.

VGL_NA_3v3-bannerOn Monday, June 15, 2015, the top 16 team remaining in the main bracket will face off, starting at 3 PM PST. You can watch all the action on the VaingloryLeague’s Twitch channel. Be sure to follow them, bookmark the page, subscribe to the channel, or cheer for your favorite Vainglory team as they battle for their trip to Seoul, Korea, to compete with other top teams from around the world.

The bracket will be advancing rapidly, with games happening Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and wrapping up on Sunday. Don’t miss your chance to see which teams will emerge as victors and move on to compete for North America in the world finals!



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