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VIPL 5th Round – Redemption Week

Victorious, VAP and Raid each lost in their Saturday games, and they have their work cut out for them with the upcoming set of matches. This round, Victorious, VAP and Raid all look to recover in the VIPL redemption week.

These matches will put these teams to the test as each battles against either the first or second seed in their respective groups. With the odds stacked against them, I expect to see some insane action as these talented teams battle with their backs against the wall.

Invincible Armada vs Victorious
Invincible Armada vs Victorious

Blood in the water

Invincible Armada dropped their last game against pQq, potentially giving up first seed in group A, but more importantly showing the world that they are mortal.

Victorious had a victory snatched away from them by some expert timing from Tercus and the rest of team Unknown. They are looking to bounce back with a vengeance.

While I think Invincible Armada is the stronger squad, they need to go back to what they know works in order to beat Victorious. If Invincible Armada doesn’t pick and ban properly then this game could go to Victorious. It’s Invincible Armada’s game to lose, and losing this game could also move them out of top two placement.

Gankstars vs VAP
Gankstars vs VAP

Fight to survive

Gankstars have set themselves apart as the team to beat in group B. With their win over Beyond, they are now the only team in their category without a loss. If they can wrap up this win against VAP they’ll be guaranteed first place seed.

VAP lost to their partner team, Tiger-Phobia, and became the only win-less team in their bracket. In this match, lily1999iu needs to branch out to find something that can counter Gankstars specifically. Chivalry needs to expect IraqiZorro’s lane pick, and try to beat it. Chivalry has a lot to prove for himself coming into this next round, after he died at level one in a 1v1 in Saturday’s matches.

A win for Gankstars would continue their momentum into the playoffs, while a loss could potentially de-rail them.

Hunters vs Raid
Hunters vs Raid

the rebound for liege

Liege is also looking to bounce back from his loss in the last round. After repeated jungle ganks and dedicated focus from all of WILD, Liege never became a factor in his team’s defeat. Liege has been relying on the solo strength of Ringo to become a powerhouse for his team, but against the concerted efforts of Hunters, personally, I would want someone with a bit more mobility.

Hunters are 2-0 in their group, looking to finish the round robin stage off strong. This Chinese trio has been exceptionally dominant in their group, thanks to the unique dynamics each person brings to the table. Godfather has exhibited the power of SAW, and Wands has shown his diversity of jungle picks.

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