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VIPL2: The Group of Death – Judgment Day Preview

Thursday, the two undefeated teams of Group B, Ardent and Hunters, are going to fight it out to see who gets an automatic placement in the semifinals. The loser, however, will have a second shot at entering the semifinals via the wildcard matches which will take place on December 31st. Nonetheless, I expect this to be one of the more intense matches of the second VIPL season. Here’s what you should know.


In the two matches we’ve seen thus far, this is what we’ve been able to observe:

  • Strong hero pool. Hunters brought out a completely different set of heroes in each game, showing strength with a diverse range of heroes.
  • Double CP comps. In both games, Hunters focused on crystal damage. As a number-crunching theory crafter, this has somewhat baffled me a bit, but it has worked for them, usually by leveraging a Broken Myth on each hero.
  • Mistakes. In each game, we’ve observed at least one significant mistake, such as overstaying or poor engagements, which could have prevented them from closing out the game. However, their generally superior performance has allowed them to prevail thus far.


In the two matches we’ve seen thus far, this is what we’ve been able to observe:

  • Hyper-carry strategy. Their team comps to date have revolved around buffing their star laner, MICSHE, particularly via Adagio and Ardan.
  • Mystery hero pool. Speaking of Ardan and Adagio, that’s practically all we’ve seen from Ardent thus far. This could mean they’re keeping their cards hidden or that they don’t have many cards to play. To be determined.
  • Stellar performance. Ardent has exhibited aptitude in both closing out games in which they’re ahead and making a comeback when they’re behind.


  • Overall, Ardent plays a tighter, cleaner game than Hunters. This puts Hunters at a disadvantage coming into this match.
  • Hunters needs to disrupt the hyper-carry strategy. It’s hard to say if Ardent has another strategy in their back pocket, but if Hunters were to ban out Adagio, it would at least force Ardent to choose an alternate team comp. Not to mention, Adagio is a comfort pick for both Ardent’s support, FlashX, and jungler, ShinKaigan.
  • Hunters should also prepare to counter Ardent’s laner, MICSHE. He has proven to be the greatest threat thus far, and whenever he has fallen in combat, the rest of the team crumbles with him. This may mean stuns or burst damage, the latter of which is a specialty of Hunters’ double CP compositions.
  • Lastly, I’m still skeptical of the double CP comps by Hunters. On one hand, I’d really like to see it succeed because it has worked thus far and it’s a new way of building team comps. On the other hand, I feel splitting the damage sources between crystal and weapon would be a safer route, forcing Ardent to defend against both. In particular, Ardent is a fairly cerebral team and I wouldn’t put it past them to double-stack shield items to counter a double CP comp.

Watch all the action on OGN’s Twitch Channel, December 17th at 2am PST (11am CET; 7pm KST).


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