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VIS Pro Split 1 Championship Summary

The VIS Pro Winter 2017 Split 1 Championship finished up recently. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered! In the first major tournament of the new year, VIS League 2017 Winter Split 1 introduced new teams and a double ban draft format! Both teams were given two bans during their draft period; preventing a total of four heroes from entering the Fold. Sixteen teams vying for the championship participated in single elimination BO3 match-ups. After the dust settled, four teams—GankStars Sirius, Cloud9, Hammers Velocity, Team SoloMid—remained on top. TSM and GankStars Sirius battled in a BO3 format for 3rd place while first place was reserved for the winners of the BO5 match between Cloud9 and Hammer Velocity.

If you want to see the action for yourself, you can find the VODs for the final matches below:

Semi-Finals: TwitchMobcrushYouTube
Championship: Mobcrush only

Consolation Match: TSM vs. GankStars Sirius


GankStars came out swinging, downing BestChuckNA in an early gank during the second minute of the match. TSM returned a kill on R3cKeD in the Jungle as they rotated down through the enemy tribush. The early game rounded out with another R3cKeD death as TSM fended off a GankStars Jungle invade. After several minutes of farming, FlashX was hooked by a Forced Accord in the Lane, and GankStars evened up the kills at 2 apiece. The midgame continued with GankStars pushing Lane aggressively, initiating team fights and securing two more kills. As they caught FlashX and BestChuckNA out of position again, GankStars added two kills and a turret to their advantage. GankStars quickly moved to secure a Gold Mine payout, only to have it stolen by VONC with an On Point. TSM took advantage of GankStars team rotation through the Jungle to push Lane and take their first turret, evening up the gold. GankStars initiated a fight in the lane, landing a Forced Accord, leading to an Ace, another Turret, and the Kraken under 16 minutes. GankStars used the Kraken to push down the third TSM turret, but needed to retreat under the immense poke of TSM. TSM secured a favorable trade in the Jungle taking XenoTek and R3cKeD while losing FlashX. GankStars’ IraqiZorro escaped the fight initially, but waited patiently in the Lane bush to finish of the low VONC and BestChuckNA. While both of TSM’s carries were down, GankStars released another Kraken. TSM started a fight in the Lane as the Kraken and GankStars marched toward their final turrets. VON—NO FEAR, JUST FIGHT—C secured two kills with only 10% health remaining on his Blackfeather to earn an Ace for TSM. Kraken was able to secured the last 2 TSM turrets, leaving the Vain Crystal exposed. While TSM focused on the Kraken, GankStars utilized double War Treads to back door. With his final stutter step, IraqiZorro destroyed the Vain and earned the win for GankStars.


Game 2 started off with a bang as GankStars pushed into TSM’s Jungle. VONC took out XenoTek for First Blood, but GankStars picked up 3 kills in return. VONC caught IraqiZorro in the Lane to get his second kill of the match. In yet another early game team fight, R3cKeD was deleted by VONC, but XenoTek and IraqiZorro returned the kill. VONC evened out the team kills by jumping on R3cKed again in the Lane—all in the first 5 minutes of the match! The action settled down going into the midgame with each team farming their side. TSM acquired the first Gold Mine payout as GankStars rotated back through their Jungle. In the next team fight, FlashX dropped a Gauntlet in the Lane catching all three GankStars inside. VONC was able to kill R3cKed with a Yummy Catnip Frenzy, but the Arcane Passage moved him into turret range, costing him his own life, giving each team a kill. TSM kept the pressure up, catching Xenotek alone in the Jungle and pushing a turret down. Just before the fifteen minute mark, TSM found themselves overextended in the Lane. GankStars punished them, picking up kills on VONC and BestChuckNA. During the next skirmish, FlashX captured all of GankStars in the tribush, allowing BestChuckNA to secure a Triple Kill. TSM took the Kraken immediately and used her to demolish all of GankStars’ turrets. GankStars stopped the push with an Ace, but not before their Crystal was exposed. IraqiZorro hit his stride with double Tyrant’s Monocle, which allowed GankStars to win a teamfight in the Lane, getting their first two turrets of the game before the twenty minute mark. TSM rose from the dead to lock XenoTek down with a Yummy Catnip Frenzy. The FlashX Gauntlet ensured none of GankStars’ heroes made it out alive. TSM took an Ace and the Crystal for the win.


With the third place spot on the line, Team SoloMid immediately invaded Jungle, but GankStars kited well to kill all 3 members of TSM. VONC secured the first kill for TSM at the 2 ½ minute mark in a 1v1 against XenoTek in GankStars’ Jungle. GankStars continued their Lane harassment, forcing TSM back and allowing team Jungle invades to steal away VONC’s farm. In the sixth minute, BestChuckNA pushed too far in the lane and was ganked by GankStars; earning yet another kill for IraqiZorro. Pressing their advantage into the Jungle, GankStars fell into deep trouble in the tribush and ended up trading FlashX for IraqiZorro. GankStars kept pressure on the Lane catching BestChuckNA with a Forced Accord and quickly removing him from the fight. GankStars continued their Lane siege into the midgame, leaving both teams low, but with neither side giving up a kill. The Lane siege finally paid off at the 11 minute mark resulting in a TSM turret to go down. GankStars followed up, getting an Ace on TSM and taking a Gold Mine immense payout. XenoTek caught VONC unaware with an Active Camo stun, leading to the death of both TSM Carries. GankStars, in total control, took the Gold Mine one more time just before the Kraken spawned onto the Fold. Just as TSM respawned, GankStars quickly rotated into the Lane catching TSM for another Ace giving GankStars the opportunity to take another turret and the Kraken. GankStars rode the Kraken into the TSM base, securing a final Ace and the 3rd place victory.

Championship Match: Cloud9 vs. Hammers Velocity


The Championship B05 series started with interesting farm paths by each team. gabevizzle was the only hero to attempt to contest the Elder Treant pickup from StartingAllOver and Chicken123. StartingAllOver acquired First Blood against iLoveJoseph after he missed the Lance Impale, but Oldskool was able to return the kill onto Glaive. In the 4th minute, ttigers Afterburned in order to lock down Oldskool, leading to another kill for StartingAllOver. Coming into the midgame, Cloud9 applied their own counter pressure, catching ttigers in the Lane mustache bush and pushing into the Hammers’ Jungle. The team fight in the Jungle led to Hammers picking up Oldskool, but cost them their entire team. In the 9th minute, StartingAllOver was caught by the Forced Accord and Impale combo, forcing Hammers back to safety without their Carry. Once back at full strength, Hammers initiated a Gauntlet under turret to earn 3 kills, only giving up a single death to turret damage. As the 13th minute expired, Cloud9 won a fight in the Jungle, showing great use of their CC. A completed Ace due to StartingAllOver attempting to defend the turret led to Cloud9 pushing down 2 turrets. Cloud9 caught Hammers in the same spot in the Jungle again, securing a second Ace as Kraken spawned. Cloud9 pulled the Kraken immediately and rode her to victory, earning a third Ace along the way.


Hammers attempted to start out the early game with an invade against Cloud9’s Krul, but they were unable to get any kills or steal farm. On a hunt for blood, Hammers Velocity poured on the aggression looking to catch Oldskool out. Cloud9 was able to fend off the aggression, allowing both Carries to continue farming and overcome their early game disadvantage. In the 7th minute, Hammers capitalized on a Cloud9 recall and picked up the first turret of the match. Oldskool barely got the First Blood on Glaive before StartingAllOver returned the kill onto iLoveJoseph. Hammers continued their Lane aggression into the midgame, leading to them losing StartingAllOver in Cloud9’s Jungle. Cloud9 took this time to pull the first Gold Mine at the 10 minute mark, and they won the resulting team fight in the Jungle as gabevizzle expertly caught StartingAllOver with a Forced Accord, pulling him inside the Gauntlet, away from protection. As a result, Cloud9 picked up 2 kills and a turret. The counter aggression out of Hammers pushed Cloud9 back to base, allowing Hammers to easily secure a Gold Mine payout. With no vision on the Kraken, Cloud9 did not attempt to contest Hammers’ Kraken release until it until it was too late—Cloud9 picked up a kill on StartingAllOver in the aftermath then focused down the Kraken. While Cloud9 was distracted by the Kraken, ttigers took the opportunity to destroy a turret with minion cover. The next team fight in Hammers’ Jungle led to another even trade with StartingAllOver and iLoveJoseph going down. A great engage in the Lane from Chicken123’s Gauntlet caught Cloud9 out in the Lane, creating the opportunity for an Ace. Hammers cleaned up gabevizzle after taking out both Cloud9 Carries quickly and rode their Ace through 3 turrets and the Vain.


Hammers started Game 3 as they did Game 2 with an immediate early Jungle invade, disrupting iLoveJoseph’s Jungle rotation but losing Chicken123 as iLoveJoseph earned First Blood. The continued Jungle aggression from Hammers proved to be detrimental, as ttigers was killed and Cloud9 took Jungle farm. A team fight broke out in the Lane as Chicken123 engaged against Oldskool, leading to all of Cloud9 going down for only 2 members of Hammers—evening up the gold. Hammers tied up the team kills after another Chicken123 Impale landed on Oldskool, giving Hammers the first turret of the game at the six minute mark. Continuing to pressure the Lane, Hammers eliminated both Cloud9 Carries quickly and their second turret a minute later. Executing on their advantage moving into the midgame, Hammers took two Aces and another turret in short order. They secured a Gold Mine in the 13th minute and quickly rotated up to Lane to press their advantage. They got two more kills as Cloud9 retreated back to base. Hammers were able to push down the last two Cloud9 turrets, secure an Ace and the win—all in under 14 minutes.


Cloud9 started out game 4 with their own aggression using a full team Jungle invade to secure First Blood on ttigers. gabevizzle used his Impale to perfection in the Lane, catching both Chicken123 and StartingAllOver, and allowing Oldskool to pick up two kills. Cloud9 pressed their advantage too far into the Jungle, giving up two return kills to StartingAllOver. In the same vein, Hammers stuck around too long in Cloud9’s Jungle, getting punished by Cloud9. Even though they gave up two kills, StartingAllOver secured the first turret for Hammers. Oldskool chased him down for a kill after he destroyed the turret. ttigers displayed Petal’s dominance in the Jungle, picking up two kills in the first Ace of the match at the six-minute mark. Cloud9 took advantage of Hammers’ lack of vision to secure a Gold Mine payout. They quickly rotated up to Lane and took an Ace, focusing down StartingAllOver first and securing kills on Chicken123 and ttigers next. In the tenth minute, Cloud9 took another impressive team fight in the Lane for a favorable 3-1 trade. Cloud9 earned another kill in the Lane on Chicken123, allowing them to start the Gold Mine, but StartingAllOver stole the Gold Mine payout with a blind Wait for It. In retaliation, Cloud9 chased him down in the Lane for a kill and their first turret of the match. In the 12th minute, Cloud9 started a fight in the Lane bush securing an Ace, another turret, and a Decent Gold Payout. Cloud9 quickly infused and rotated up to Lane to catch Hammers as they respawned. They secured an Ace under the 3rd turret and continued on to destroy Hammers’ 3rd and 4th turrets. Cloud9 pressed their advantage, securing 2 kills on Hammers’ Carries with some perfected CC play coming out from gabevizzle and Oldskool in the Jungle. They released the Kraken and pushed to victory, forcing a Game 5 for the VIS League Championship.


Game 5 saw another early Jungle invade from Cloud9 securing them First Blood on ttigers, though StartingAllOver stole Cloud9’s Jungle farm to offset the loss. ttigers was punished early on for invading iLoveJoseph’s Jungle, giving Cloud9 another early kill. At the four-minute mark, Chicken123 face-checked the Lane bush and was eliminated by the whole Cloud9 team. Hammers made a poor rotation into Cloud9’s Jungle, leading to Phinn dying again and allowing Cloud9 to chase down Koshka for another kill to bring the score to 5-0 in Cloud9’s favor at six minutes. Cloud9 started a team fight in the Lane, but gabevizzle missed his Crucible, leading to both Forced Accord and Yummy Catnip Frenzy landing on Oldskool. Hammers got the first kill in a 1-for-1 trade. Cloud9 respawned and quickly caught Hammers lingering in the Jungle, securing two more kills against Chicken123 and StartingAllOver. Chicken123’s lack of speed was the cause of yet another death as he was unable to retreat under the turret, allowing Cloud9 to dive under turret and pick up the Ace, killing ttigers and StartingAllOver. Cloud9 got the first turret of the match in the 13th minute following the Ace. Cloud9 traded a Gold Mine payout for their first turret, but rotated into Lane to get another two kills on Chicken123 and ttigers. Cloud9 utilized their advantage to immediately release the Kraken when she spawned, though ttigers was able to push another turret during the Cloud9 Kraken capture. Cloud9 pushed hard into the Hammers base, focusing down the turrets and trading their lives for objectives. In the end, the Kraken secured the Championship for Cloud9 with her final breath, bringing an end to a hard fought matchup between Hammers Velocity and Cloud9.

Congratulations to Cloud9 on taking the VIS Winter 2017 Split 1 Championship! They came back from behind to overcome near defeat at the hands of Hammers Velocity, winning 3-2 in the end. Cloud9 starts out the year on a good note with an impressive display of skill. We have a lot to look forward to as VIS League continues the fun in Split 2 and the Vainglory competitive scene gets into full swing!

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