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Weekly News Round Up

Can you handle anymore eSports? Probably not. We have been absolutely inundated with sweet plays by fast fingers. Also there’s the little issue of Lance, the jacked knight in shining armor that’s come to sweep you off your feet and carry you away to his Roam loft full of soft pillows and gentle music. 1.18 is going to be quite romantic.

VGL Second Qualifier

The Live Championships are set with a lot of the big dogs and few surprises making their way to the premier stage in June. The NA Qualifier finals saw a fantastic five game series between Hammers Velocity and Excrucio ending up in an all weapon power mirror match of Glaive, Blackfeather and Fortress. Well played to both teams, but Velocity took that top prize and secured 1st seed for Championships. The Tyrant’s Eye of Europe has been shining brightly on Team Secret once again with a top finish in the Second Qualifier. The three-headed dog of GankStars made a fantastic showing with second overall finish. For full details, as always, check out Vainglory League site.

Tesseract Tournament

The SEA scene is roaring just as loud as our VGL regions with the Tesseract First Qualifier for the Spring Season in full swing. Most teams aren’t tied to any vastly known organization, save the dominating pre scene of Infamous and the newly acquired Ardent Allegiant that have both made it into the semis next weekend. Huge props to 12th seed Cor Vallis that has also made it through the first two rounds. Catch the streams on Twitch, casted by AutoKorrect and BillyGei.


The third season of the Vainglory International Premier League came out of the gate this week with the return of alumni GankStars, Invincible Armada, Infamous and Hunters, among others, and the arrival a few new faces like NA’s own Team Phoenix. If you need to catch up, this and this!

Lance Reveal

BrokenMyth had exclusive access to early reports of Lance’s kit. In conjunction with Coffee With Zekent, we released this breakdown of what SEMC has told us so far. Lance is going to be a zone control and directional pro, able to mitigate damage from the dangerous sources and roll to his ally’s aid with an unusually straightforward ultimate. Building him with CP will increase his effectiveness, but building him with WP will increase his stabbiness if you want to be a hardcore soldier.

My favorite “What’s in Lyra’s purse?” Answer came from CZell777: “Obviously, it’s spilled levitation elixir. As a man with a strong purse experience base, no purse can maintain that elevated pitch without enhancement.”

Congratulations CZell777! You get nothing!

Team Phoenix Reign

The young upstart Team Phoenix has done it again with the acquisition of the team formally known as Excrucio. Phoenix Reign will enter the Live Finals as the newest addition to the guild. Read the interview I did with ClosetNerd here.

A mere 16 days remain to get your Rona cards, so hopefully you’ve acquired at least a few so far! Check back this week on BrokenMyth for VIPL coverage, lore and some of your favorite returning pieces to help you succeed in the wild meta world. Peace out Bonecruncher stomps and double weapon comps.

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