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Hey, everyone! This week had a lot to be excited about including more action from the EVIL 8 series, Teasers for the upcoming update, Lore, etc. Read on to see it all.

Update 1.21 Teasers

The past week has seen SEMC teasing a couple more things to look forward to including a portion of the images for three upcoming skins as seen below.


We Also have the Splash Art for North Wind Reim Tier 3 and Broken Doll Alpha Tier 2.


Also released is Summer Party Phinn. The skin is, as of now, a exclusive to attendees of special events including :

  • Amazon Appshop booth at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany (August 18-21, 2016)
  • North America Summer Live Championships in Seattle (September 3-4, 2016)
  • Europe Summer Live Championships in Cologne (September 9-11, 2016)
  • PAX West Twitch booth in Seattle (September 2-5, 2016)



Alpha’s Alternate fate Lore for Broken Doll Alpha 1 has been released. Be sure to check it out here.

Rona’s Tier 3 Lore has also been released and can be read here.

A new Lore pertaining to the Vainglory world has been released as well, called Ancient Times

Krul Bug Official Announcement:

SEMC has released an official statement regarding the Krul Bug observed during one of last week’s EVIL 8 match. It has been declared as a visual bug that gives no real advantage to the player and was activated through Krul’s natural playstyle and by no fault of the player. If you’d like to read the complete statement you can do so here.

Update 1.20 Survey:

SEMC has included an in-game survey for any feedback regarding the 1.20 update. Be sure to fill it out for a chance to win some ICE and also to help contribute to the game we all know and love.

Promotions and competitions:

SEMC has announced a new competition for us all to try our luck in. Planning for a picnic? If yes, or no, even, gather all your friends and make it a Vainglory LAN party and post a picture of it for a chance to win some ICE. Check out the official details here.

Amazon and SEMC have partnered up for the duration of the EVIL 8 series and are offering Amazon Coins at discounted rates which can be used for buying ICE for all the new skins coming out and Samuel. Be sure to read the full details here.

esports (spoilers… duh):

Evil 8 – Split 2 – Week 3 (Finals)

EU – Day 1

Series 1 – Snow Tsunami vs Mousesports.

In the first game, Tsunami had a great start which is really not what you’d expect with the enemy having a WP Taka. They had a 10k gold and 10 kill lead by just the 13th minute.  They easily brought themselves the first win.  The second game saw PTlam’s signature Skye but was way more close than the first. With a 25 – minute, fully – fed Skaarf from Mousesports, it was very clear their comp outscaled Tsunami’s for the win. The deciding match went to Mousesports with an amazing Skye from GreatkhALI and Glaive from Asater. WP Taka didn’t work out rather well for either team probably considering there was always a Glaive to counter him.

Series 2 – Team Supremacy vs Team Secret

I always find a tough time coming up with stuff to write in matches involving Team Secret. They always seem to shove it in the face of their opponents that they are on top of the table with dominating matches. The story wasn’t very different with the first match. The second match (unstreamed) was also won by Team Secret.

Series 3 – Snow Avalanche vs SK Gaming.

Snow Avalanche pulled out an interesting Double CP comp with Lane Skaarf and Jungle CP Ringo. It didn’t seem to be working out for them that well until about the 18th minute, when they started to consistently come out on top of the fights, ultimately bringing the first win home. Game 2 saw yet another CP Jungle Ringo this time, though, paired with WP Lane Saw. This one was really Snow’s game from the start, both carries dominating their portions of the map.

Series 4 – Gankstars Cerberus vs G2 eSports

In the first game, G2 brought out a rather odd Roam Glaive which didn’t seem to work out that well. Both Iraqizorro and TetnoJJ showed off their mastery of Adagio and Alpha for a pretty dominant win in Game One. The name of the second game was “Crowd Control,” with Cerberus bringing out a Glaive, Lance, Adagio Comp. G2 performed decently early game, but couldn’t nearly capitalize as much as they should’ve, their WP Taka fell off as the game continued, allowing Gankstars to take the win and the series.


NA – Day 1

Series 1 – Hammers Kinetic vs Hammers Velocity

As you would expect from a match between two sister teams, the first match was very back and forth and lasted an entire 27 minutes. PONTheOriginal brought out a WP Skye which he seems to be favoring nowadays. Gabevizzle, known for his off-meta supports, brought out a support Saw. Velocity also brought out a slightly less used CP Fortress. It all seemed to be working out with ever so slight leads going over to Velocity in the early and mid game. This seemed especially apparent after a bad engage due to ttigers’s Catherine lacking energy to use her abilities, giving up an Ace and Kraken following for Velocity. Kinetic was able to get a return Ace and kill the Kraken quickly, only losing one turret during the push. Seeing that the entire Velocity team recalled, Kinetic pulled a sneaky move and unleashed a Kraken of their own. Kinetic gave up another Ace and Kraken was only able to take one turret. Yet again, Kinetic took Kraken without Velocity contesting it, this time winning the post release teamfight and finally taking down Velocity’s Vain to end the match. The second match saw PONTheOriginal on WP Skye with Gabe pulling out a more traditional support, Phinn. This match was quite different from the first, ending in a one-sided victory for Kinetic with PON and MICSHE showing off very strong Skye and Celeste play.

Series 2 – Ardent Aurora vs Nemesis Hydra.

The early part of the first game seemed to be going in Aurora’s favor with a quick two kills in an early game skirmish. They couldn’t do much after that, though, with Hydra really stepping up and LostBoyToph showing us all how WP Taka is meant to be played. The second game saw Hydra’s early game prowess dominating until a slight slip up after taking Kraken and giving over an Ace, allowing Aurora to take it down pretty quickly. Aurora’s Yazaru3 went AFK soon after for a very short while, but in a show of great sportsmanship, Hydra didn’t take advantage of it and waited for his return before attempting a final push. Their show of character was paid off by taking home both the match and the series.

Series 3 – Team Solomid vs Phoenix Reborn.

The first game was pretty even until about the 10th minute when TSM really started to show up. They quickly build up a 11 kill lead and released Kraken and finished the game with their signature TSM Special. The second game saw BestChuckNA trying, yet again, to prove that he is the best Adagio NA and VONC showing off his already well-renowned Kestrel. The game was pretty even until the 11th minute when TSM took a phenomenal fight near Reborn’s first turret, getting an Ace, the turret, and a gold mine for an enormous gold spike. One Kraken to TSM. No TSM Special. Weren’t expecting that, were you? To make up for it though, TSM Aced Reborn once more and made one final push for the series.

Series 4 – Necrolyte vs Phoenix Reign

The first game saw Reign pulling out an early lead which they carried over beautifully for the win. Oldskool and Statusbaked had a very good Adagio and WP Lance which Necrolyte couldn’t handle, especially with e36 providing Reign such amazing support. Game 2 was very even until about the 15th minute when both CP Skye and Lyra really started hitting power spikes on Reign’s side. Around this time they got a good Ace to get Kraken for themselves and both the win and the series.

EU – Day 2

Series 1 – Mousesport vs Snow Avalanche. (Semi-Final)

The first match looked pretty even but Mousesport was building up a pretty large gold lead without having kills to show for it. At the 15th minute, they had a really good fight, melting the team of Avalanche, as Snow should be during the Summer, giving them the Ace and Kraken and consequently, the win. The second game was pretty much opposite, with the kills showing a bit of a lead for Mousesport through the early-mid game and the gold being pretty even. GreatkhALI played an absolutely phenomenal game as Skye, only becoming more and more impressive as the game approached the 20 minute mark. Mousesport were able to unleash the Kraken, and khALI alone was able to bring the entire team of Avalanche low enough to give the Kraken an ample window of time to advance to the unprotected base of Avalanche. Not getting too far ahead of himself, khALI backed off, allowing Snow to port to base and take out Kraken. The next fight sealed the deal with an Ace confirming Mousesport’s victory.

Series 2 – Team Secret vs Gankstars Cerberus (Semi-Final)

In the opening game, GSC were able to bring get an early three kills on the board. TS, not the slightest bit fazed though, got themselves three kills to even out the kill score and even pushed out into the lead. By the 10th minute, Secret had themselves a 6 kill lead and one turret down. By the 12th minute, they had taken out 4 turrets. They backed off only to get two more kills at the 16th minute for Kraken and the win. In the second match, L3oN subbed in for Iraqizorro. Did this help? Not enough. TS took a near perfect win, only giving up one kill. KValafar = Feed. Hehe… All jokes aside, though, TS secured their place in the finals with yet another extremely dominant win.

Series 3 – Snow Avalanche vs Gankstars Cerberus (Third-Place Match)

The first match opened out with Cerberus getting three early kills. They lost the kill lead over a gold mine, though the gold remained even. The rest of the game was very close with Snow Avalanche finally giving away an Ace in the 15th minute, giving GSC the Kraken. Gankstars made the most of it, closing the game out in a victory. The second game saw Snow Avalanche with the kill lead and GSC with the gold lead. This changed at about the 20th minute when GSC took control of both the leads following an Ace that led to a Kraken release. GSC’s Skaarf scaled well into the late game, allowing them to take the game and hence, Third Place.

Series 4 – Team Secret vs Mousesport (Finals)

The first match was very even in terms of gold, but TS had a strong kill lead to start off. At the 13th minute, GreatkhALI stepped up and got Mousesports the Ace with an amazing Skaarf, and Mousesport was able to take a turret. TS returned with two kills of their own and a Kraken to show for it (a rather bit token, if you ask me). Kraken fell with only one crystal turret left. TS had a great final engagement for the Ace and the win. The second game was very slow with only 4 kills on the board by the 15th minute and a rather negligible gold difference. Palmatoro brought out a seldom seen CP Taka, which I really enjoyed. At the 15th minute, GreatkhALI again brought out a brilliant Ace from a 2v1 situation, but could only get a turret to show for it. It was enough, however, to give Mousesports the gold lead. From there, Mousesports was soon able to unleash Kraken and pushed to the last crystal turret, even securing an Ace but rightly backing off just before KValafar’s Glaive spawned. Mousesports continued the fight, securing another two kills with Kraken and pushed for the win, finally ending Secret’s huge winning streak. The final match saw KValafar on his favorite Saw, pulling out a CP build. Despite CP Saw’s previous failings, KValafar and Team Secret made it look like the top of the meta, pulling a 15 kill lead by the 20th minute along with a 5k gold lead. This easily translated to a win finalizing their dominant wins throughout the last few weeks.


NA Day 2

Series 1 – Phoenix Reign vs Nemesis Hydra (Semi-Final)

Phoenix Reign was dominant during the entire first match but Hydra really pushed themselves and managed to make the game last despite having only 2 kills by the 25th minute. An Ace in the 27th minute gave Reign the first win of the series. The second game heavily favored Hydra. They destroyed all of Reign’s turrets at the 17th minute with the help of Kraken and took the win. The final match was very even until about the 10th minute, when Hydra slowly started expanding upon their kill lead. Reign took a risk and started a Kraken capture, but Hydra had vision on it were able to steal it away and win the game with it.

Series 2 – Team Solomid vs Hammers Kinetic (Semi-Final)

TSM won the first game (unstreamed). In the second game, both VONC and BestChuckNA were able to bring out their favorites: Kestrel and Adagio. This resulted in a very dominant game, securing TSM’s place in the finals.

Series 3 – Phoenix Reign vs Hammers Kinetic. (Third-Place Match)

The first game saw Phoenix Reign staring out with a quick four kills to their name. This pretty much went on throughout, with Reign slowly but surely building up the lead for a final push without any help from Kraken securing the win. Hammers Kinetic won the next two matches (unstreamed) for third place.

Series 4 – Team Solomid vs Nemesis Hydra (Finals)

The first game was very even to start it off until the 12th minute when TSM started to push their small lead into a 5 kill lead by the 17th minute, at which point TSM got themselves two kills enabling them to take a Kraken. TSM special? Yeah. They marched down the Lane for the win. The second game was pretty slow, with the first kill only coming out in the 7th minute for Hydra. The game was really close and seemed to slip out of TSM’s hands towards the end but TSM were able to secure the win with a late 23 minute Kraken.

Screenshot (32)


This past week saw a lot more teases for the 1.20 update and a lot of new promotions and competitions giving us more chances to get ICE. Hope you enjoyed this week’s news, be sure to return next week for another Weekly News Round Up!

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