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Update week! Check back here when 1.16 arrives for a full breakdown of the changes by Team BrokenMyth but for now I get to cover just the parts that excite me, because I’m fickle like that.


Arguably the most exciting news of the week is the full reveal of Alpha on Friday’s dev stream. This robo-executioner-slave comes fully equipped to track down and blow up her prey. The details we have on her kit include a heroic perk that grants an immediate respawn if your enemies can’t kill you during the channel time and abilities that allow you close the distance and hunt down your foes with impunity.¬†I will mention that a few months ago I hypothesized SAW getting some upgrades with an ultimate that self denonates. I know SEMC works a long time on every hero, but I’m still demanding royalties in the amount of 1 ICE.

Battle Royale

Most exciting is really a tough call, because now we have the announcement of a new game mode! Battle Royale (great movie btw) is an all lane mode where players are randomly endowed a hero from the entire roster and started at level 4 with around 2,500 gold. The jungle is blocked by walls, as are bases, so you have to stay in the lane until you die. This is guaranteed to be faster and more frenetic mode assuring some pretty fantastic team fights. You knows better than me trying to awkwardly explain this? Watch some gameplay from Rumblysuperset.

Halcyon Days

We are deep into the spring bonus days, so be sure to follow along for what extra goodies you can receive just by playing. SEMC wants to make sure everyone has ample chance to fill up on glory and fame before the season ends, (which is March 30th!) and of course get in for some Crazy 8 Cards. It’s the little things like getting a Legendary SAW dropped after you just got wrecked by SAWdagio for the billionth time that keeps me coming back for more.

Netherworld Fortress

The most delicious impulse buy at the checkout counter in the jungle shop just got even juicier with the reveal of all three tiers for the new Fortress skin set, Netherworld. Pickles got marinated in a little cayenne this time around.

Tier 1 – “Getting all hot and bothered”

Tier 2 – “Finally correcting my underbite.”

Tier 3– “My puppies! Oh, the humanity!”

Spring Map

Of course with another season change we are treated to new surprises on the Fold budding anew. Spring Season will have a new map overlay complete with flowers, butterflies and  delicate rainbows to murder each other beneath!

Femme Fatale Tournament

This past weekend on Mobcrush saw another badass Femme Fatale. Lady players from NA, EU, and SEA duked it out for ICE and some sweet cash. Congrutlations to Lady Hammers stateside, Spice Girls in EU and Infamous Lovisa in SEA for each taking their individual brackets.



Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. Spring season is going to rock! Stay with us this week as all the bits and pieces are revealed. Winter is leaving Sean Bean, give it a rest now.


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