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Weekly News Roundup

Hey, everyone! This past week we received news about a new skin to look forward to in patch 2.1, a teaser of something big,  new Data services, news about the ARENA8 League and an announcement of an official dev stream.

gladiator lance; splashart, lore, 3d model 

Gladiator Lance is the second skin in the line of Gladiator themed skins, to follow Gladiator Ardan. The skin features new special effects and model changes making him a must-have.


teaser; The one:

This one will have you scratching your heads with almost no information except a banner with the text, “The One.” Feel free to comment any theories of what it may be.


developer stream:

The folks over at SEMC have announced an official dev stream for this Wednesday. Feel free to drop by the stream on Vainglory’s twitch channel to see what’s in the works.


arena 8:

The pre – season of the ARENA8 League will be starting soon featuring the best teams of Korea and Japan battling it out for the title and an $8000 prize pool. The pre – season starts on January the 14th at 8pm.


vainglory game data service:

The first version of the Vainglory Game Data Service was released today, taking an important step towards users having open access to in – game data. It’s currently in Alpha with 12k or so demo matches, all new documentation and much more to come in the following week.


Thanks to reading this week’s News Roundup and be sure to tune in next week for more!

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